Intiland Foundation

Intiland is committed to its CSR programs, and this commitment goes beyond listing programs and activities

Intiland is committed to its CSR programs, and this commitment goes beyond listing programs and activities. To achieve optimum result, Intiland established Intiland Foundation on May 24, 2012, as an implementation of the programs and actions of Intiland’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Intiland Foudation is the umbrella organization for the Company’s CSR programs and activities, including the planning, execution, organizing and monitoring. There are four programs that Intiland Foundation formulates and manages: Bakti Ilmu (education), Bakti Bumi (environment), Bakti Sesama (humanitarian), and Penanggulangan Bencana (disaster relief).   

Intiland Foundation has the objective of helping to achieve sustainable company growth with real actions which contribute to the country. The each CSR program and activity has its point of reference to sustainable principles (triple-button line): People, Planet and Profit (3P).

The foundation has drawn up broad strategies and cover various activities, including cooperation and collaboration with non-profit institutions or organizations. Intiland Foundation also plays its role to monitor the result of the social activities it sponsors so that the result is optimum and the foundation maintains the public trust.

The Company through Intiland Foundation remains consistent in the implementation of its CSR programs, and the foundation integrates the programs into the Company’s business development. This is done to maintain the balance and to achieve harmony of the main objectives of Intiland as a business entity and the betterment of the community and the environment.

Intiland through Intiland Foundation has always seen the concept of CSR as the counterweight between achieving maximum profit and helping to reach public welfare, for the staff and the community. This concept of CSR is something that cannot be separated from the business of the Company.

Intiland is committed to provide big portion and serious attention to the execution and monitoring of the CSR programs. The execution of the programs has proven to contribute substantially to the company’s growth and it will continue to be the case in the future. Therefore, CSR is one of the major elements in the Company’s business, with its role as the counterweight in the Company’s bid to achieve commercial and non-commercial goals.

The followings are the explanation of the program segmentation of CSR activities in Intiland:

Education – Bakti Ilmu Program

Environment – Bakti Bumi Program

Sosial Kemasyarakatan – Bakti Sesama Program

Disaster Relief