Intiland realizes the vital importance of human capital as the Company’s core asset

Intiland realizes the vital importance of human capital as the Company’s core asset. ISO 26000 CSR guidelines describe certain important aspects a company needs to pay attention to in terms of its human resources, among others, clear status of employment, exploitation of labor, work safety, discriminatory job dismissal practices, forced labor, and underage labor.

No less important is human resources welfare that includes appropriate wages, good working condition, working hours which do not deprive the employees of their family responsibility, improvement of work opportunity, career development, promotion of the local employees, and human resources welfare promotion.

The implementation of CSR in the Company covers the employment aspects of Occupational Health and Safety (HS), gender equality, work opportunity, facilities and infrastructures, employees turnover and training. HS management covers all production and operational activities in all of company facilities, considers impacts on employees, the community and the environment. The Company requires that all company groups comply with established policies and enforced regulations concerning HS. The objective of HS policy enforcement is to minimize adverse impacts while maximizing the positive effects of the Company business activities.

Since beginning, before joining the Healthcare and Social Security Agency (BPJS Kesehatan), the Company has already provided health insurance for the employees and their families. Since June 2015, the Company officially added BPJS Kesehatan to further meet its commitment to providing health insurance for all employees.

The Company also pays close attention to the implementation of HS, especially occupation safety. As a property developer, the Company pays close attention to the safety of the employees, notably the personnel working at the construction sites, which are the closest to any occupational risks.

The Company applies HS standards when choosing the contractor, and the contractor the Company has chosen must rigidly observe occupational safety standards. The Company also pays close attention to the safety of the office work  environment. Intiland Hospitality & Property Management (IHPM) appointed building  management to manage its office buildings is responsible for the safety of the employees and the tenants. IHPM periodically conducted building, utility and fire safety system maintenance, as well earthquake response training.

Related to gender equality, the Company sees every individual has the right to decent livelihood based on the person’s capabilities regardless of gender. The Company practices gender equality at the workplace starting the recruitment process. The Company also provides ample opportunity in career development for all employees. Each individual deemed capable is a potential candidate for a promotion. The Company also applies an open system for career development, one which by implementing Human Capital Information System, which acts as the employee administration center and is completed with Performance Management System. With the system, the management can openly analyze the employee’s performance so that promotion assessment can be done more objectively.

For Intiland, the improvement of its human capital will only lead to positive result for the Company. Intiland organized several training programs for the personnel, from the employee , until the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.