Awareness of the environment is closely related to the Company’s business processes. In developing its projects, Intiland always carefully chooses its materials and implements a system or a design which is energy efficient and environment-friendly. 

This approach started way back in 1984 in the development of Intiland Tower Jakarta, when environment and green building design were not yet an issue among the public. The Company also carried out various initiatives that promoted a clean operations culture in many aspects, in order to enable efficient, eco-friendly production process activities that produce less waste. Some waste products are also utilized to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources.


The Company also applies the 3R concept of reuse, reduce and recycle. In its daily activities, the Company isinstilling all employees in environment-friendly culture. Waste management remains a challenge, especially managing household waste. Serenia Hills project in South Jakarta is one of the proofs of the Company’s concern for addressing the issue of waste. The estate management applies the concept of household waste management which involves the residents and the surrounding community. The Company has established independent waste processing and waste management center by means of the partnership with the local community groups. The estate management also involves residents; they sort their waste, dividing organic and non-organic waste so that the waste recycling and management in the area are easier to do.


The Company has designed and launched several plants and environmental conservation programs. Graha Natura is one example. Since the beginning of its development in 2012, this residential estate has allocated lands and resources for the conservation of Indonesian native plants. By the end of 2015, with the help of the program, 640 of the total 1,000 types of plants were planted in Graha Natura. In mid-2015, Serenia Hills initiated an environment awareness drive by planting 1,000 rare trees along Pesanggrahan River in South Jakarta. The other project, Graha Famili conducted environment and plant conservation effort by “Taman Husada”.