Audit Internal Charter

Intiland established its Internal Audit in 2005. With the approval of the Boards of Commissioners and Directors, the Company’s Internal Audit drafted the Internal Audit Charter in December 2009.

The draft of the Charter was pursuant to the Bapepam-LK Regulation No.IX.I.7 and the Bapepam-LK Chief’s Decree No. Kep-496/ BL/2008 dated November 28, 2008 on the establishment and guidelines of the Internal Audit unit.

The Internal Audit is an independent team that reports directly to the President Director. Internal audit has direct access to the President Director and Audit Committee to coordinate and inform matters related to auditing results and activities.

Internal Audit is to provide independent and objective consultancy services that are aiming at increasing the values and improving the operations of the Company as well as enhancing the effectiveness or risk management, internal control and corporate governance process. 

Internal Audit Vision & Mission


To be reliable, responsive and trusted strategic partner of Audit Committee, Presiden Director and the Management in realizing the Company’s objective, vision and mission.


  1. Running the assurance activities to ensure the adequacy of internal control and risk management as well as the implementation of good corporate governance in the Company through systematic, objective and independent internal audit.
  2. Taking the role of catalyst and providing consulting service.


Scope of Internal Audit

The work scope of Internal Audit covers all operational activities of the Company and its subsidiaries. Internal Audit is to audit and give consultancy to the units under the Company’s head office and projects to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of internal control, risk management and corporate governance.

June 24, 2016

Audit Committee Charter 2016

April 30, 2016

Audit Internal Charter 2016