Code of Conduct

Since 2007, the Company has renewed its corporate culture in line with the spirit of transformation at that time. The new corporate culture adopts the new spirit and work ethic of Intiland. There are 5 key values in Intiland culture : TRICE (Trustworthy, Respect, Innovative, Caring and Excellence).

TRICE is not merely “newly” created. TRICE is the core essence of Intiland’s existing competitive advantages. This is where Intiland differentiates itself for its competitors. Activities and decisions taken by the Company have always been based on the principles of TRICE. With such principles, the Company has thus far continuously earned respects from the stakeholders.

Currently, Intiland has Company Regulation which include the company code of conduct in Chapter V point 15.
The code of conduct regulates the followings:

  • Good name of the company
  • Corporate confidentiality
  • Working for and attachment to third party
  • Conflicts of personal and corporate interests
  • Requesting or receiving gratifications
  • Personal business during office hours
  • Decency
  • Use of corporate assets for personal gain.
  • Reporting manipulation

The company regulation is applicable to all permanent employees of the Company. The company regulation is always disseminated to the new employees during the orientation program.
Starting 2014, the Company’s partners should also sign a statement letter stating the ability to not provide any advantages or inducements in the form of money, goods or the like to the employees of the Company which are directly or indirectly intended to influence the outcome of any tender or contract.

Chapter VI of the company regulation regulates the sanctions on order and discipline violations depending on the types of violations committed by the employees ranging from verbal warning to the termination of employment.