September 17, 2017

Intiland Holds ‘Surprise Sundays’ Property Expo in Surabaya

Intiland officially opens “Surprise Sundays”, adventure themed property expo in Surabaya.

Surabaya (17/09) – The national property developer, PT Intiland Development Tbk will hold a property expo titled “Surprise Sundays” in Surabaya.  Taking the cue of the “adventure” concept from the previous expo, Intiland holds Surprise Sundays at six of its projects in the city. The expo will last from September 17 until October 22, 2017.

Marketing Director of one of the company’s subsidiaries, PT Intiland Grande, Harto Laksono, said people in Surabaya responded well to this format of expo, which is held at the project site and carrying the concept of an adventure. Visitors can get a first-hand experience of the situation in the project they visit.  

“We offer various choices of property products, from landed residential and apartments to strata office. At the project site, the prospective customers can get the feel of living in the development area. We have prepared multiple promo programs and the best investment packages for those who buy our property products during the expo,” Harto said.

True to the theme, Surprise Sundays expo is held every Sunday at each location alternately. The exhibition stars on September 17 at Graha Golf. Then, it will be held at other locations—Sumatra36, Praxis, The Rosebay, Graha Natura, and, the last one, at Spazio Tower on October 22, 2017.

The company has prepared interesting promo programs for visitors and buyers during the expo. Some benefits visitors can expect include instant rewards and a chance to participate in various games that offer multiple prizes.  

Harto said that Intiland would use the expo to introduce its Referral Program dan Referral Buyer prormo.  Referral program is an appreciation program for visitors who refer their family, relatives or friends to come to Suprise Sundays expo on the next Sunday.

Of each referred person attending the expo, a program participant is entitled to 100 points. Participants with the most points at the end of the exhibition period can win prized worth millions of rupiahs.

“The referral buyer program is relatively similar, but the points are based on the value of the property purchase by the referred party. The progam offers various direct gifts, from gold bars to four-wheel vehicles,” added Harto.

Besides the two programs, the company has prepared a special promo program for a purchase of a property unit. This includes low interest rate for mortgage (4.99 percent fixed interest rate for three years, or 36+6 instalments). Other programs are 15 percent hard cash discount plus five percent, free provisional and administration fees, and a direct gift of a 50-gram gold bar. There is also a promo program of paying the 20-percent down payment in 20 installments.

The company has prepared various activities and games for families, including children, to make the expo a festive affair. At the opening to be held at the marketing gallery of Graha Golf, for example, there will be a talent competition for children dubbed “Little Superstar”. The participants can show off their talents in singing and music, or in storytelling.

On the following Sundays, there will be other events, like Kids Wonderland at Sumatra36 and cooking workshop for children with Chef Ken at Praxis. Graha Natura is ready to hold Refreshing Sunday, an event for children where they learn to plant vegetables.

The highlight of the expo, as well as its closing to be held on October 22 at Spazio Hall, Spazio, Surabaya, is in the form of several exciting workshops, like Bubble Pearl, Monkey Stone and Lego building. On that day, the company will also announce the winners of the refferal program and refferal buyer program.***