October 24, 2017

Intiland Builds Alliance for Public Housing Development

The collaboration among the developers shows a mutual commitment to support the goverment's Program Sejuta Rumah (One Million Houses).

Jakarta (24/10– The national property developer, PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) establishes partnership with several developers to launch a public housing development program. The partnership shows the joint commitment of the developers to support the government’s Program of Sejuta Rumah (One Million Houses Program), designed to fulfill the national houses backlog.

Tp cement the partnership, Intiland signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with three developers—PT Menara Tinggi Bertumbuh (MTB), PT Cipta Griya Sriwijaya (CGS) and PT Multi Bangun Realtindo (MBR). Theresia Rustandi, Intiland’s corporate secretary and head of corporate social responsibility (CSR); Tomi Wistan, MTB’s president director; Oka Moerod, CGS’ president commissioner; and Dadang Juhro, MBR’s president director signed the MoU on October 24, 2017 in Jakarta.

Theresia said the partnership was part of the company’s CSR program, designed to help improve the quality of life of people in various locations across Indonesia.  The partnership is mutually beneficial in nature confined within the ability of each developer and the scope of the law.

“We want to work with any party that shares the same awareness and cooperate to provide solutions to decent housing in diverse regions. We are confident in the expertise of the developers in the region in developing houses that meet the need of the locals,” Theresia explained.

As a pilot project, the first phase of the joint program will develop 106 home units, which receive home financing liquidity facility (FLPP) on a one-hectare area. The location is in Puri Permata Indah residential complex in Pacitan, East Java.  

Puri Permata Indah is a residential estate occupying a four-hectare land that Intiland has been developing since 2007 by partnering with local contractors. At present, the company has completed the first phase of the development on an area of three hectares.

Theresia is optimistic that the partnership can be sustainable. The funds invested for the partnership is expected to continue through independent channels.

“Using this scheme, the fund for this investment will continue to flow and can reach the people by involving many local developers,” said Theresia.

Tomi voiced his appreciation regarding the partnership. He hopes this collaboration can become an alternative solution and encourage quality public housing developers in the regions.

“As a local developer, we appreciate what Intiland has done to realize this collaboration. This collaboration between developers helps accelerate the public housing development program, and helps improve the quality of development in the regions following the national standard,” he added.

The same sentiment expressed by Oka Moerod and Dadang Juhro, who said they were proud to be able to contribute to the government program to provide houses to the people.

“We hope this partnership is the first step that can encourage other local property developers, that care about public housing, to work to meet the need for housing in various regions in Indonesia,” said Oka Moerod.

This collaboration with local developers gains a full support from the Property Division of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN). The program is believed to offer a solution to fulfill the national housing backlog, as well as accommodate the balanced housing development program set by the government.

Previously, the company has expressed its commitment to carry out its Intiland Teguh Community-based House Development Program with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia Foundation. The program provides aids to underprivileged people living around Intiland’s development sites. In the first phase of the program, the company handed over 25 houses and public toilet facility (MCK) to the people of Kampung Pekong, Tangerang, which is located near Talaga Bestari residential project.

Intiland’s other CSR programs through Intiland Foundation and Intiland Teduh program include the development of Child-friendly Public Open Spaces (RPTRA) in Jakarta, donations for residents of three low-cost rental apartments (Rusunawa) in Jakarta, and collaboration with Real Estat Indonesia (REI) in the development of Privately Owned Low-cost apartment (Rusunami) in Pulo Gebang, East Jakarta.**