National Hospital

National Hospital applies the best and most sophisticated medical service standards and facilities to make it the forerunner in medical services

Located in Graha Festival, the integrated area in Graha Famili, Surabaya, National Hospital not only provides health services but also hadir cater to the lifestyle of the people of Surabaya and those from eastern Indonesia.

The hospital is completed with sophisticated medical equipment, among others, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 3 Tesla Wide Bore, which can show more detailed imaging for analyzing the nervous system, brain and other organs. 

Another facility is Emergency Room with eight beds, 30 specialist clinic offices, 123 inpatient rooms with 205 beds from Class 3 to Suite Room and isolation rooms. Professional medical personnel, from the team of physicians, nurses and staff are ready to give the best services.

National Hospital won WOW Service Excellence Awards 2016 from the consumer and market research institute, MarkPlus.


  • Location

    Graha Festival, Surabaya

  • Land Area

    8,500 m2

  • Building Area

    32,000 m2

  • Architecture

    Akitek Tenggara Sdn Bhd & Forum Architects Ptd Ltd

  • Open


Pioneer in Modern Neurourgery

National Hospital along with the neurosurgeon, dr. Achmad Fahmi, SpBS made a breakthrough in neurosurgery with the stereotactic brain lession method for Parkinson and other nerve diseases, and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) installation. Due to this achievement, National Hospital was entered into MURI (Indonesian Museum of Records).

Eco-friendly Design

As a modern hospital, National Hospital applies an eco-friendly and energy saving design. The concept is implemented in the form of the use of special air conditioners, the choice of glass windowpane which can reduce 35 perccent of heat and ultraviolet exposure, and central vacuum cleaner which can maintain higher level of cleanliness.