Graha Natura

A residential area with innovative concept bound to become a trendsetter for future residential

Graha Natura is designed with the principles of sustainable development in mind. The residential area heavily adopts the aspects health, technology and green environment in the design and execution.

The masterplan and the designs of the houses adopt tropical homes which conform to the rules of nature conservation. The principles of sustainable development uses three approaches: health, technology and nature.

Graha Natura also applies triple play with fiber optic network for telecommunication and multimedia access. At present, Graha Natura is in its second phase of development with the launch of Edenia cluster, which is designed to cater to the modern lifestyle of urbanites.

Intiland is committed to making Graha Natura  a sustainable and innovative development project as proven by a number of awards it has received. The residential area received Green Property Awards from Housing Estate magazine in 2013 and bagged the Best Development Projecct in East Java in Indocement Awards 2014.


  • Location

    Jl Sambi Kerep, Lontar, Surabaya

  • Land Area

    86 ha

  • Infrastructures

    Roads, integrated waste processing

  • Masterplan

    PTI Architects

  • Landscape Architecture

    Karl Princic

  • Launching

    2010 (Phase I), 2016 (Phase II)

  • Completion

    2015 (Phase I)

Innovative Waste Water Processing System

Graha Natura operates an integrated waste water processing system. All waste from each home is sent to the processing center using a vacuum system. And the processed water is used for watering the plants, washing the vehicles and other needs. The management cooperates with the Dutch company, Qua-Vac in operating the waste water processing system.

Natural Conservation

The company works with Seameo Biotrop (South East Asia Regional Center for Biology Tropical) and Purwodadi Botanical Garden to create health and green environment around the area. Seameo Biotrop and Purwodadi Botanical Garden provides consulting and technical support on conservation and biodiversity at Graha Natura. Thus far, there are 500 types of plants from the planned 1,000 types have been planted.