Mixed-Use & High Rise

The background of mixed-use & high rise development is to provide solution for comfortable living in the middle of the busy metropolitan city

This segment is part of the operational activity of the Company which comprised of the development of several property projects in a single project, including a combination of apartment, office, retail and hotel. The Company currently focuses on the development of mixed-use & high rise projects in Jakarta and Surabaya. Several on-going projects in Jakarta include South Quarter, Aeropolis, 1Park Avenue, and Regatta. Meanwhile ongoing mixed-use & high rise projects in Surabaya include Spazio Tower, Praxis, Sumatra 36, and Graha Golf.

This segment is part of one of the main competences of Intiland which from the beginning up to now has successfully developed tens of  projects. This segment has become of the main growth engine for the sales performance and also recurring income.