Praxis is a mixed-use & high rise development located in Surabaya’s most premium business hub. The development is designed to become the new centers of urban lifestyle and business.

Praxis is part of the development of Intiland Tower Surabaya, the only IT building in the city. The concept of superblock adopted for the development fits the need of the urban society seeking for solution to problems related to the needs of urbanites for integrated residential, business and entertainment facilities.

Located in the Surabaya business district, the project occupies 1,1 ha of land comprising such facilities as office, apartment, retail, hotel and cinema. The development started in 2014, and the Company has signed a working agreement with international hotel operator tasked with managing the hotel located at Praxis.

For the residential, Praxis has 289 apartment units located on a 28-story tower. The offices are strata title with area 17,428 m2 and lease office units with total area of 4,141 m2. The hotel facility comprises an 18-story building with 266 rooms, complete with a meeting room and a restaurant. The total gross area of Praxis is 102,498 m2.



  • Location

    Jl Panglima Sudirman 101-103, Surabaya

  • Land Area

    1.1 ha

  • Building Area

    102,498 m2

  • No. of floors

    5 fl. (office), 20 fl. (condominium), 18 hl. (hotel),

  • Architecture

    PT Anggara Architeam

  • Contractor

    PT Nusa Raya Cipta Tbk

  • Planned Completion


Integrated Concept

As an integrated business and office area, Praxis also presents international four-star hotel, Mercure Praxis Surabaya, managed by Accor Group. The hotel will accommodate the needs of local and international business people who look for accommodation in the center of Surabaya.

Best Business Location

Located in CBD Surabaya, Praxis has easy access to all of the best centres for business, entertainment and shopping in Surabaya.