National Hospital is a health service that have a commitment to give the best service with sincerity. Supported by technologies like MRI 3 Tesla & CT Scan 128 slice, National Hospital is always put patients’ needs and convenience at first.


Located on Commercial Area of Graha Famili, give easy access for you and medic to fulfill your needs anytime.

Going anywhere is easier


  • Surabaya – Porong Toll

Retails & Shopping Center

  • Spazio
  • Loop
  • Pakuwon Mall
  • Graha Fairground
  • Lenmarc Mall


  • Hotel Shangri-La
  • Hotel Spazio Tower
  • Hotel Vasa
  • Ascott Waterplace Surabaya


Brain and Spin Center
Sunday Clinic
Neuro Endovascular Center
Epilepsy Center
Emergency Departement
Diagnostic & Therapeutic Imaging
Stroke Unit
Parkinson & Movement Disorder
Clinic Specialist
Surabaya Neuroscience Institute

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National Hospital Surabaya Rumah Sakit

Above of all, health is everything. To get a decent treatment regarding to your health, National Hospital Surabaya is the most recommended due to modern device that they have, as well as professional doctors and staff with lots of experience. National Hospital Surabaya, also popular as International Hospital Surabaya, is at the top rank among several health center in Surabaya. It’s a part of Graha Festival in mixed-use area at Graha Famili Surabaya. This hospital has 10 floors, two basements, and five floors of annex building.

The overall design of International Hospital Surabaya is based on green development, energy saving, and friendly environment. It equipped with sunergy glass tech that able to reduce the heat 35%, also equipped with solid and liquid waste-processing through the sophisticated tools.

national hospital surabaya


International Hospital Surabaya has 30 specialists that always ready to help any patient, and divided into four zone such as kid specialist, adult specialist, complete checkup, and obstretician. For inpatient, there are 123 rooms available with several types that can be adjusted accordingly. This health center is equipped with various sophisticated devices and tools. In fact, National Hospital Surabaya is the first hospital in Indonesia that already equipped with high class radiology device, which is MRI Tesla 3 wide bore with 32 channel coils.

The result is pretty amazing, because this tool is able to scan accurately and provide image clearly than others. This kind of device is only used by six countries in Asia Pacific region, and Indonesia provide one through International Hospital Surabaya. Through this device, the doctor will get some valuable help to diagnose the patient further before taking any step to deal with the problem. This tool will shorten the time twice compared to previous model. So it’s useful to deal with patient in serious condition.

The emergency department is the most favored due to its fast response for any emergency situations. There are also brain and spine center to examine any problem related to the brain issue and spine dysfunction, then provide the exact treatment according to its severity. Not every health center offers some program for Parkinson and movement disorder, but International Hospital Surabaya did. It’s very useful for elderly people who frequently developing the condition. There is stroke unit that dedicated only to deal with stroke and other problem related high blood pressure.

The neuro endovascular center is provided to deal with neuro problem. In fact, the health center also has the best Surabaya Neuroscience Institute as a place to learn and examine anything related neurology. Then there is epilepsy center which provide the best treatment. The health center is also equipped with several clinic specialist with adequate tool inside of it. Each specialists at different clinic have ability to perform diagnostic and therapeutic imaging before making decision whether the patient should stay or taking on the go program.

What’s more, National Hospital Surabaya provides a Sunday clinic. As you already knew, many health centers close their service at Sunday due to holiday, which leads to other difficulties for people who suffer and need immediate response regarding their health problem. International Hospital Surabaya situated in Surabaya and categorized as public health center. This hospital will serve any type of patient by providing professional doctor and medical staff. Besides the modern device and its completeness, the service that they give is convenience enough.

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Located at the main road of Graha Famili, National Hospital Surabaya tries to provide convenience access for every patient at any time. It’s very accessible from Surabaya-Porong toll gate, and reachable from Spazio Tower Hotel, Loop, Pakuwon Mall, and other famous public facilities. Both healthy and safety are the most important part from National Hospital Surabaya, and it will be the main purpose. In order to increase the awareness of public healthy, the hospital sometime held an event that involved many communities through CSR program and Surabaya health season event.

Nowadays, International Hospital Surabaya is working together with RSU Dr. Soetomo to provide the best health service. The form of collaboration is on the term of medical staff exchange. So, when one of the hospital needs a specialist immediately, the other will provide it. With all the service that delivered from specialist through the best device, National Hospital Surabaya could be the best option for everyone who need immediate treatment.