Talaga Bestari

Cikupa, Tangerang

Located in Cikupa, Tangerang, the 230-hectare Talaga Bestari residential development is designed to meet the middle-class housing demand. The development features lush greenery with the theme “Kota Belajar Keluarga”, literally meaning “Family Learning Town”. In 2010, Intiland started several projects and clusters: Jungle Walk, The Hills and Harmony. Jungle Walk, a community center developed with the concept of green and modern lifestyle, is equipped with various facilities such as urban forest, deer park, jogging track, club house, 450 commercial outlets, 36 shops, 44 cafes, a shopping center and a music center.

The Hills is the newest cluster development in Talaga Bestari. Targeting middle to high income families, the project has received warm welcome from the people living in the surrounding communities.  The project occupies a 12-hectare area and offers three types of housing units with their own superiority, which are Everest, Himalaya and Andes.

In June 2011, Talaga Bestari soft launched its new cluster, The Forest, which is situated on an area of 14 hectares. The development of The Forest cluster is carried out in different stages. In the first stage of its development, the company is building 200 house units, divided into four different types and applying the concept and principles of eco-green or environment-friendly. One of the types will have an area of 300 square meters with the two-story house having the area of 120 square meters.

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