October 12, 2017

Intiland Presents its Best Property Products at Intiland Expo 2017

Intiland Expo ’17 presents the company's diverse property products in strategic locations; including condominium, residential estate, office and retail space, and warehouse.

Jakarta (22/08) – The national property developer, PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland;DILD), is holding an integrated property expo dubbed Intiland Expo 2017. Held from October 12 to 15 at Senayan City’s Main Atrium in Jakarta, the exhibition showcases the company’s highly recommended property projects.

Intiland’s director of Corporate Marketing, Susan Pranata, explained Intiland Expo ’17 aimed at giving the consumers ease of access to the company’s best products located in Jakarta and the surrounding areas. The company features diverse property products in strategic locations; including condominium, residential estate, office and retail space, and warehouse.

Advantages, such as ideal locations and the availability of public transportation infrastructures are the focus of the expo, and this is what led the company to name “Connected” as the main theme. The theme underlines the advantages in terms of locations of the Intiland projects in Jakarta and the surrounding areas. They are connected to centers of activities, business and commercials, thanks to access to the integrated public transportation system.

“Strategic location, easy access to transportation facilities, and quality products are the main points people seek in a property product,” stated Susan Pranata.

Intiland Expo ’17 features 11 mainstay projects, while for a new project, the company introduces Fifty Seven Promenade, the newly launched mixed-use development project that has garnered good response from the public. For those interested in landed house, the company offers Serenia Hills residential estate in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta; 1Park Homes in Kebayoran; Griya Semanan in West Jakarta; and Magnolia Residence and Talaga Bestari in Tangerang.

1Park Avenue and The Hamilton are located in South Jakarta, while Aeropolis is in Cengkareng, Tangerang. These apartment projects are featured in the expo. Aeropolis project includes warehousing products. The integrated office complex, South Quarter, also makes an appearance in the expo, offering office space products in the second phase of the development.

According to Susan Pranata, the projects have easy access to integrated public transportation infrastructure, like mass rapid transit (MRT), light rail transit (LRT), commuter train, TransJakarta bus lane, and toll road. Further strengthening the theme, the dots signifying the locations of the projects in the Greater Jakarta area translated as the visual element in the logo of Intiland Expo ‘17.

“Owners of Intiland property product can enjoy the ease of reaching the centers of daily activities and communities. The rapid infrastructure development acts as a stimulus and encourage the growth and progress of a region or area,” she added.

For the expo, the company has prepared various special promo programs which customers will find enticing. They include a discount up to 25 per cent for purchasing a property product using hard cash, and down payment starting from 15 per cent. Throughout the expo, there is also a special offer of a fixed interest rate for a down payment for three years, starting from 4.75 per cent. For this promotional program, the company has established partnership with several leading banks.

Intiland Expo’17 will also feature several talkshow and entertainment programs. The talk show programs will discuss several topics, like the likely scenario to happen in, and the prospect of, the property market; introduction to and managing Parkinson’s disease; children development; and photography.

Positive Indication
The management of Intiland is of the opinion that the property industry in general, notably in the big cities, like Jakarta and Surabaya, has started to show a sign of positive rebound. Even though the property has not fully recovered following the sluggish couple of years, there are indications that the industry is growing.

The company is optimistic the property market will continue to improve in line with the introduction of several pro-market policies by the government. Some of the policies are about taxation, the property ownership by expatriates/foreigners, stable interest rate, loan-to-value (LTV) breaks for property purchase, and conducive investment climate.

Susan Pranata admitted that in the last several years, the national property market faced an uphill struggle. The property sales have been on the downward trend in almost all product and market segments.

Nevertheless, she believes the people’s purchasing power remains present, but consumers tend to wait and see. With Intiland Expo’17, the company hopes to boost the public confidence in the prospect of the property market.***