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    Most Ideal Superblock for Office Space in Surabaya

    Praxis is a mixed-use zone that combine living house such as hotel and apartment, office for rent, commercial area, and shopping center in a complex which later called superblock. All these areas was developed by PT intiland development tbk., under the name of Praxis Surabaya.

    Praxis offers the most ideal office for rent and a valueable living house according to modern era. The development of this mixed-use area will be a massive solutions against infrastructure and social problem especially regarding office space Surabaya, and of course it will bring efficiency.

    Praxis Surabaya provides mixed-use complex that offer many functions. Surabaya is a dynamic city, and Praxis will be an answer and the new meeting point that able to fulfill the needs living zone, business hub, office for rent, and modern lifestyle of the citizens.

    Convenience Amenities

    Between those building, office space Surabaya is the one that get many attentions. It easy to understand because a mid-scale office space Surabaya is on demand by most companies. In other words, Praxis Surabaya exists in order to give a solution that every company need in the term of office for rent.

    As one of the finest office space Surabaya, Praxis offers different idea which every office floors will be connected through dedicated elevator. With this easy access, the tenant has a chance to turn the space into display office and serving their customer, the same concept that widely used at shopping center.

    Intiland puts the same idea with Spazio related to electricity, which is every office for rent will be equipped with personal electricity, so the company is able to operate differently as the office needs. Every tenants have an access to auditorium, meeting room, and multipurpose hall as they need.

    Besides having modern concept, Praxis Surabaya equipped with some convenience facilities such as swimming pool, meeting room, gym, outdoor lounge, 5 cinemas, and others. About the parking area, superblock Praxis Surabaya is able to hold 800 cars and 350 motorcycles.

    Mixed-Use Superblock

    Praxis Surabaya has 1,1 hectares land area, consist of one tower with 295 apartment units, and other tower is divided into 19 floors for hotel and 4 floors for office space Surabaya. The apartment at least is divided into 4 types, and each has different have. As an example, type 1 has 44 meters wide, while type 3 has 150 meters wide, etc.

    All these superblock designed to face the North pointing at Suramadu Bridge, while the south pointing at Mount Arjuno. Praxis also provides exhibition room that directly facing to the street. All these benefits and facilities are provided as an integral part in one area.

    Because Praxis Surabaya adopted the idea of open space, many outdoor lounges scattered in some zones. There are shopping centers and stores to fulfill personal need, or fitness center for everyone who intended to strengthen their body.

    The meaning superblock is everything at one block. So, in Praxis Surabaya, it’s no need to go out of the block to get something to eat. Lot of restaurants and cafes offer different menus that located in specific area called food court. It’s the reason why Praxis is the ideal office space Surabaya.

    Best Access for Business

    Strategic location, which is in the middle of Surabaya, give additional benefits for every individual or institutional who take a place in Praxis Surabaya. Praxis Surabaya located precisely at Sudirman Street which well-known as central business district Surabaya, right next to Intiland Tower Surabaya.

    Don’t worry about amusement. Within 4 kms, there are some public facilities such as hospitals, shopping centers, gas stations, and other important facility. Near the building, there are shopping center like Tunjungan Plaza and Grand City Mall. Even Gubeng Railway Station is only a matter of minutes to access, proving how strategic Intiland Tower Surabaya is, especially as office for rent.

    Other public facilities such as Siloam Hospital and RS Husada Utama are very reachable. While there are many educational institutions surrounded Praxis, which are Airlangga University, Unika Widya Mandala, SDK/SMPK/SMAK Santa Maria, and other types of schools.

    Praxis from the beginning is developed to be an ideal benchmark for living house and office space Surabaya. The term superblock explains everything. Like life cycle does, everyone can sleep here, work here, and get leisure here. For instance, Praxis Surabaya is the only ideal place to live.

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