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    Spazio Tower, Mixed Use Building Surabaya

    A Premium Office Space Which Every Business Needs

    At a glance, Spazio Tower is a mixed use building consist of apartment, hotel, office space, culinary spot, and multi-purpose area. Among those functions, office space is the most wanted for some reasons. For instance, Spazio gives an access 24 hours for tenant to run their office. This opportunity clearly will bring the company to the next level of productivity. Office space at central commercial area is a perfect habitation for business to grow furthermore. Surabaya, as the second biggest city, is growing rapidly as the industrial city, and of course every business needs to settle firmly at the most strategic location.

    Spazio Tower tries to give a solution by providing mixed use building along with office space inside it. From this such a place, operating company is much easy than before. Though, having appropriate office for every business is necessary nowadays, and Spazio Tower will be a wise choice.

    Remarkable Design

    As a mixed use building, Spazio Tower gives a great attention to time management. It can be seen from overall design of Spazio Tower, and specifically at the office space. From one building to another, one area to another, and one room to another, there are unity based on idea of flow of the room.

    With 5.380 meters land area, Spazio Tower stands for 20 floors with 1 multi-function hall, 11 floors for office space, 2 floors for food court, and 6 floors for hotel. The overall design that attached to the office is quite remarkable, giving a comfy feeling when the time comes to meet any kind of clients. Intiland, as the owner of Spazio Tower, is actually using 2 hectares from total 10 hectares to develop this mixed use building.

    There are two main buildings for now, Spazio Tower I is a retail area, while Spazio Tower II is a hotel (Kayumanis Hotel), apartment, and office space. Those advantages will help the tenant to welcome their client and arranged the accommodation that might needed. This mixed use building is well-known for the best serviced office, so every particular needs from the client will be set up immediately as they need.

    High Class Facilities

    Spazio will make your business more prestigious due to its temporary design. This mixed use building is designed to be ideal for business purpose without ignoring personal needs. Through it design, everyone will find a flexibility while performing their activity. With a comfortable atmosphere, it will automatically boost more efficiency, effectivity, and of course productivity. The auditorium is a multifunction room and able to hold 120 attendances, the hall will hold about 300 attendances, while the meeting room has 12 seats capacity. All will be equipped with LCD screen, projector, wifi, lightning, etc.

    There are also table and chair that can be arranged accordingly. It’s up to the tenants to adjust every equipment that they need regarding to the concept. Those facilities give much helps to the business when the time comes to hold a seminar, meeting, gathering, or launching a product. To maintain safety, there are CCTV that attached to every corners and flap barrier at the gate which connected to automated security system. Another safety tools such as fire detector, fire extinguisher, emergency stairs, all are located at every floors.

    Easy to Access

    Spazio Tower located at the most strategic area, also having an easy access to downtown Surabaya and gateway toll. It’s only 30 minutes from Juanda Airport, 14 kms from Gubeng Station, and 12 kms from Pasar Turi Station, which are give more benefits for everyone at the building to go everywhere.

    One of the main reason why Spazio Tower got popularity as office space is through the strategic location, precisely at Mayjend Yono Soewoyo, a central business district in Surabaya.  Spazio is being part of Graha Famili, one of premium area at west part of Surabaya. This mixed use building has direct access to Surabaya-Gresik highway, Surabaya-Porong highway, and Surabaya-Mojokerto highway.

    From this office space, many public facilities can be accessed in easy way. There are National Hospital and RS Mitra Keluarga for no more than 30 minutes, or Shangri-La Hotel and Spazio Hotel just in few minutes. To get leisure or sightseeing, just visits Spazio, Loop, Pakuwon Mall, or Graha Fairground. With all those benefits, it’s no wonder that Spazio Tower and its mixed use building are the most excellent office space which available in Surabaya.

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