SUB Co presents alternative work area that are different from conventional workspace. Enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in Sub Co area.


Enjoy working in a coworking space that are close to nature, located in Darmo Harapan area, West Surabaya.

Going anywhere is easier


  • Tol Surabaya – Porong
  • Spazio
  • Loop
  • Graha Fairground
  • Pakuwon Mall

Mall & Retail F&B

  • Loop
  • Spazio
  • Graha Fairground
  • Pakuwon Mall
  • Lenmarc Mall


  • National Hospital
  • Mitra Keluarga Hospital


  • Whiz Prime Hotel Surabaya



Mini Library


Event Space


Meeting Room

Outdoor Work Area



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    Sub Co

    A Superb Office Space Surabaya

    As the economy grows, every businessman needs to develop more to maintain their existence, especially at the big city as Surabaya. One way is through opening a new idea. At this point, Sub Co will be the ultimate solution for every businessman who need a strategic office space. Sub Co, under the name of Intiland, provides a coworking space Surabaya in the best way. Perhaps, this office space is the most friendly office space and the coziest coworking space Surabaya nowadays. The good thing is, this coworking space Surabaya offers different workplaces compared to conventional one.

    It’s recommended spot to develop something new. There is office space and meeting room for visitor who come in a group, or simply take a personal seat everywhere and join a new community to experience communal workspace. Furthermore, this office space could be the most comfortable spot to accommodate any creative spirited person.

    Superb Design

    The overall accent from Sub Co is dominated by modern white combined dark accents to create a calm nuance. This is the main attraction from Sub Co as coworking space Surabaya. More delightful because it combined with custom seat and table, unique design, and different theme at each rooms.

    Every rooms are separated by transparent cubicle to clarify the border of interior design. This modern office space is inspired by office style that widely used at Silicon Valley, but combined with local idea. Of course, office space like Sub Co is highly needed by many young people of Surabaya since they are already active in developing a startup but having difficulties regarding unsupported workspace. A shady atmosphere that offered by this office space may release the obstacles and broaden the mind to attract new idea to come.

    Superb design plus tremendous amenities give a solid attraction for the young people to get excited about going to the office every day. The creative space and cool facilities are arranged beautifully to give a flexibility to the visitor, while still productive doing the task. Creative people need a creative trigger too, and Sub Co exists as a mean to assist. It is the reason why this office space designed as cool as possible with small detail to create amazing atmosphere. The overall design of Sub Co is suitable for modern working style, as many creative people needed.

    Number One Facility

    As the favorite coworking space Surabaya, Sub Co offers tremendous facility to ease the visitor. At very basic, every visitor will get an access to use library, wifi, outdoor terrace, scanner, kitchen, etc. Tea, coffee, and mineral water area available for free, along with photocopier. This office also provides a locker room to save any stuff for free, there is also printer near receptionist. For everyone who bring their visitor come along, there is meeting room to use privately at formal moment. Either way, go to the outdoor area or simply seat at the lounge for casual moment.

    Every tables are equipped with power plug underneath to make sure everyone gets enough power. A lounge and outdoor area are always available for the outdoor fans. It offers flexibility to various working style, something that conventional coworking space Surabaya couldn’t able to provide. What’s more, Sub Co develops a community by creating a weekly event through some interesting activities such as discussion (sub talk), sightseeing tour (sub trip), workshop (sub learn), having fun (sub fun), charity (sub heart), and sport (sub fit). All these kind of activities can be enjoyed at weekdays, starting from Monday to Saturday at 09.00 am till 09.00 pm.

    Close to Everywhere

    Sub Co located at Darmo Harapan Street, Tanjungsari, which is very reachable from any corner of Surabaya. For example, this office space has direct access to various public facilities such as highway, shopping center, hospital, hotel, and other famous spot for hangout. In a matter of minutes, there are shopping center such as Pakuwon Mall, Graha Fairground, Loop, and Spazio. Under 30 minutes, there are two public hospitals, which are National Hospital and Mitra Keluarga. To stay at night, at least there are two options, Spazio and Whiz Prime Hotel.

    Furthermore, Sub Co is pretty close to Surabaya-Porong highway, making it as the most accessible coworking space Surabaya. With all this kind of benefits, Sub Co becomes the only coworking space Surabaya that qualified to boost creative performance.

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