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    Commercial space for Your Business

    Finding a commercial space is one of the most vital decision a businessman could ever make. There are an increasing number of entrepreneurs running their businesses at home but a commercial place lends credibility to yours. How many customers have asked you for office address or a showroom where they can visit? Or a contact in case they make a stop to see your products? Praxis Surabaya is an ultimate solution for those who want to expand their business.

    Praxis Surabaya: Where sellers meet their potential buyers

    We fully understand that choosing a commercial space, let say, for your next cafe Surabaya isn´t a walk in the park. There are probably hundred stories of tenants who failed or developers who cheated on you. This is why, it is important to choose a trusted property developer for your restaurant Surabaya business.

    Don’t fall on something that are too good to be true. For instance, a cheap rent may not have that complete facilities to take advantage of. Maybe they promise you big but you´ll end up regretting your decision. Unlike those scams, Praxis Surabaya offers a promising opportunity for sellers, business owners and the residents – of a comfort living and renting a space.

    Praxis Surabaya: Your Location to Build Restaurant Surabaya

    Surabaya has a huge opportunities for investment, jobs and businesses. With the convenient city´s infrastructure, a strategic business location is not hard to find. Praxis Surabaya – a superblock designed to ease your life. Covering a total area of 103,390 m2, Praxis consists of apartments, offices, and retail spaces such as FnB tenants, food court, and supermarket.

    This is the future destination where people find leisure of taking a walk in the park, or simply getting something for dinner in a cafe Surabaya. And its premium business location allows your customers to easily find you. Your café Surabaya can bring you closer to your potential buyers. Praxis Surabaya has designed its commercial area perfectly. A street-lined stores selling various goods for a nice shopping experience. This means that your restaurant Surabaya will get a potential of purchase due to its visibility.

    Set up your Cafe Surabaya in a safe neighborhood

    Your cafe Surabaya business cannot thrive in an insecure location. It has to be in the best spot. No one wants to visit an area that is inconvenient for them. Praxis Surabaya is a complex equipped with high-tech security system to safeguard the residence and commercial area. It is understandable that customers avoid area with potential crimes. Thus, Praxis Surabaya ensures that everyone feels safe – be it the visitors or the business owners – units of CCTV are installed surround the area and there are 24 hour security personnel that secure the premises.

    Regardless how well a complex is built, there maybe some maintenances on the long run. Whether it´s electricity, or water plumbing – these services are catered by Intiland. All you need is to focus on your restaurant Surabaya and repairing issues in your working space will be handled by the developer.

    Praxis Surabaya: The next Cafe Surabaya destination

    Other than the outlined above, Praxis Surabaya offers proximity to other areas for instance, grocery store, toll gate, and more. With this in mind, your restaurant Surabaya will never be out of stock in term of raw materials because everything you need is within distance.

    Consider starting your own cafe Surabaya business?

    The bottom line for every business is a high volume of potential customers. Need an ideal place to set up your restaurant Surabaya business? Find out how you can rent a space in Praxis apartment property today. Contact us!

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