Intiland Tower is an office building designed by one of the greatest architects, Paul Rudolph. This office building in Sudirman offers business space that is not only dynamic, but also supported by a lush atmosphere.


Being one of the landmarks located on Jalan Sudirman, the most premium business district in Jakarta, makes Intiland Tower easy to find, has plenty of transportation access options, and is close to many variety of supporting facilities. From here, you can easily reach other strategic places in South Jakarta and Central Jakarta.


Food Arena


Access Card

24-hour Security

Parking Area

Coffee Shop

Multi-Function Room

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    Intiland Tower Jakarta

    The Finest Rental Office Jakarta to Grow Your Business

    Intiland Tower Jakarta is a breathtaking building and an innovative office for rent ever build. It has 24 floors with three basements and being the most iconic building located at Jakarta. This magnificent place owned by PT Intiland Development Tbk, and has been existed since 1983. Located at Central Business District (CBD), Intiland Tower Jakarta takes a place about 24.000 sqm, make it as the biggest office space in that area.

    Due to its strategic location and various type of office for rent, this building offers dynamic workplace and also surrounded by supportive environment. It’s not easy to find such a good office for rent in Jakarta since this city develop rapidly. Everything is expensive, but imbalance with the quality. Intiland, as the most reliable property developer, answers the concern of many companies by providing rental office Jakarta along the quality.

    Best Amenities

    Being the best rental office Jakarta, Intiland Tower offers complete amenities for any purposes. To begin with, there are 24 hours security that equipped with access card and CCTV covering any area, also vast parking area available for tenants who have much clients. High speed internet quality is also provided for free, and there are multi-purpose space that can be accessed by every tenants. Intiland Tower Jakarta also provides some cafes and restaurant which offers any kind of dish, from local cuisine to foreign taste.

    Indeed, the food-court is one the best thing that attract many visitors. Don’t worry about the cash, there are numerous ATMs spot, and even financial institution such as bank. To fulfill any personal needs, this rental office Jakarta provides some minimarket and other grocery stores. As it mentioned earlier, from coffee shops, restaurants, to a wide range of well-known retailers, all tenants don’t necessarily need to leave any confines of amenities which already available. Also, there are lot of types of offices with various scales and facilities offered, and not every rental office Jakarta offers such this options. Inside the building, there are seven lifts, freight elevator, and special service lift. At every office that offered, any tenants will get spacious room according to its need. Each office facilitated with office standard equipment such as table, curtains, and other tools that can be adjusted accordingly.

    Location and Accessibilities

    Intiland Tower Jakarta becomes an iconic landmark at Sudirman area. Took a place at most premium business zone in Jakarta made Intiland Tower became easy to recognize. This office space provides all the things that every tenants need, along with other supportive amenities.

    Intiland Tower is very accessible to reach from every corners, and vice versa. Located right at Sudirman Road Kav. 32, Intiland Tower is close to Plaza Semanggi, World Trade Center Jakarta, and other famous places. Every tenants might find themselves surrounded with parks, shopping place, and other well-known landmark, making Intiland Tower the ideal place to grow your business. By that, it’s obvious that Intiland Tower Jakarta becomes the best options for anyone who seeking office for rent. Tucked near the hustle and bustle of Sudirman Road, Intiland Tower will be a brand new rental office Jakarta. This main road will connect this city within a city the outside.

    Design and Style

    What’s more, Intiland Tower Jakarta was built with two combinations of design, which are international style with tropical philosophy. It’s no wonder if this rental office Jakarta being discussed in many architecture magazine, and other blogs that concern about Indonesian architect. The main architect for this building was Paul Rudolph, one of the finest person in this field, brought some philosophies into the design. Rudolph want a building that can adjust with the climate and match with Indonesian tropical psychology, though still maintain the main function as office for rent. The tropical aspect which adopted to the building such as at open space atrium and terrace. Those aspects have simple function, as a wind circulation entrance and a place to gather. Having the best design and so sturdy, turned Intiland Tower Jakarta into the most favorable office for rent.

    Intiland Tower Jakarta, as other building that developed by Intiland, was designed with earthquake resistance structure. With this kind of design, it’s reliable enough to be a perfect rental office Jakarta and capable enough to store numerous tenants who seek the right place to build a business. Completely the building has an exceptional design, and being anticipated to be the one of Jakarta’s most iconic building. Equipped with the best amenities and great facilities, making Intiland Tower as the ideal office for rent in Jakarta nowadays.

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