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    Aeropolis Tangerang

    Making an easy life that revolves around the airport

    As one of the busiest cities near Jakarta, Tangerang has received a lot of spotlights in the recent years. With Soekarno-Hatta International Airport located in this spot, many people spend their times or even live and build their businesses in this area. Considering this development, Intiland built Aeropolis Tangerang, an integrated property with many things to discover.

    Since 2012, Aeropolis Tangerang has been developed to be a residential and business area that integrates with the airport. It’s mainly targeted to people who need to travel often back and forth to other cities or countries for business trips. These people are in need of a good place where they can do all things at once, in one place. Whether it is for staying temporarily, residing, business, and much more.

    Aeropolis Tangerang is in a 350ha size of area with major expansion following the development in the airport such as office, retails, commercials, hotels, and warehouses. It is now the favourite place for people who’d like to take a nice break to the airport restaurant or other places after or before going to the airport.

    For office, retails, and commercial needs, Aeropolis Tangerang offers a Commercial Park, an area where there are space for rent for office and other commercial purposes. It gives benefit for both business owners and customers. Business owners could find a space for rent in this very strategic area to provide the needs for people who have to spend a lot of time in the airport area. These people usually needs places including airport restaurant or other hang out places to wait for their flights or just taking a break after a tiring trip.

    Aeropolis Tangerang Commercial Park

    Besides apartments as the facility, office buildings are also available as space for rent. These spaces can be explored more as the Boutique Office and Commercial Park of Aeropolis.

    Easy Access

    Boutique Office offers you office units with six floors for a single office or a space for rent. While for Commercial Park, it is located in a very strategic location close to our international airport, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. It is only 500 metres away from the main entrance to the Airport complex, so you can easily reach the people who are trying to find an airport restaurant and any other facilities. For you who are trying to find a space for rent for a working space or commercial purpose, it’s guaranteed that customers will easily find your business.

    Unit Specifications

    The space for rent in this Commercial Park was built with the best materials and facilities. Each building is equipped with 2200 watt of electricity, 5mm clear glass for windows, aluminium door sill and window sill, concrete pillars, and also emergency stairs and elevators.

    For both stores or office space for rent for any business purposes including airport restaurant or cafes,  you can choose between the corner type or the standard type, sizes as specified:

    • Corner 1 : 38.04m2
    • Corner 2 : 45.86m2
    • Standard 1 : 30.59m2
    • Standard 2 : 30.59m2
    • Standard 3 : 38.33m2
    • Standard 4 : 38.33m2

    A Great Place for Businesses

    Located in the airport area made Aeropolis Tangerang Commercial Park the perfect place if you’re looking for a space for rent. With many people buzzing around from the airport or people that live in the Aeropolis Tangerang apartments, your business will be discovered fast by customers. It’s a very strategic area to run a business. Every hour, people are mobilizing around to look around and find airport restaurant to dine, or other stores to spend their time.

    There are many airport restaurant you can find at Commercial Park. From fast food to family restaurant, from Indonesian to Western, or some hang out places including coffee shops. The complete choices of airport restaurant and many other hang out places have attracted many visitors to spend time in this Commercial Park.

    Strategic Location

    We can answer all your needs during your activity at the airport. Aeropolis is just about 500 meters from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. This 105-hectare integrated area in Tangerang has residential, office, hotel, commercial, retail, and industrial facilities. Going anywhere is easier from Aeropolis Tangerang. Most available and accessible transportation would be Soekarno–Hatta Airport Rail Link and Soekarno Hatta International Airport. This strategic location and facilities have lighten up Aeropolis Tangerang, which is well known as the Airport City.

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