Magnolia Residences - Green Housing in Tangerang

Magnolia Residence creates an “oasis of city life” through green open space that reaches 1.7 hectares. Equipped with a 24-hour security system, this residence offers a sense of calm and comfort to live in.

Magnolia Residence is located in Jatiuwung, Tangerang City, Banten and only two minutes away from Bitung Toll Gate. The supporting mode of transportation is Trans Tangerang and is close to the Tangerang Train Station, hospitals, shopping centers, and international universities.

Magnolia Residence can be the best option for young families who are looking for their first home. We present houses with affordable prices, good regional concepts, and strategic locations and easy to reach.


Why Magnolia Residences?

value (2) (1)

Based on Investment

House prices start from 600 Millions with many specifications offered over the price

distance (1)

Based on Location

Less than 3 KM to various facilities such as : health care, shopping malls, and schools.


Based on Time

Only 5 minutes to Tangerang City and 10 minutes to Jakarta Toll Gate

romantic-tree-shape-with-heart-shaped-leaves (1)

Based on Environment

Beautiful housing with a garden as a greening of the surrounding environment

healthy-life (1)

Based on Health

Healthy residence with open design and high ceiling for maximum air circulation

Already Sold Over 300 Houses

Managed by Trusted and Experienced Developer

Various 24-Hour Transportation Options and Trans Live Shuttle Bus

Our Recommendations

Magnolia Residences – Azzure Type


  • Building Area: 47 m2
  • Land Area: 60 m2
  • Bedroom: 2
  • Bathroom: 2
  • Electrical power: 2,200 w
  • Number of Floors: 2

“Comfortable beautiful residence, the facilities are also complete. Absolutely the best choice!”

Theresia Aurelia

Magnolia Residences – Ginger Type


  • Building area: 42 m2
  • Land Area: 72 m2
  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bathroom: 2
  • Electrical power: 2,200 w
  • Number of Floors: 2

“The area and facilities are really comfortable, the house is also low on electricity usage. Thank you Talaga Bestari.”

Cynthia Bernadeth  

Magnolia Residences – Violet Type


  • Building Area: 47 m2
  • Land Area: 85 m2
  • Bedroom: 2
  • Bathroom: 2
  • Electrical power: 2,200 w
  • Number of Floors: 2

“Comfortable beautiful residence, the facilities are also complete. Absolutely the best choice!”

Theresia Aurelia

Gallery Magnolia Residences

Our Locations



Jl. Gatot Subroto No.KM.6,8, RT.001/RW.008, Jatake, Kec. Jatiuwung, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15136

1 Minute

  • LotteMart
  • SMUN 11

5 Minute

  • Bina Sarana Informatika
  • Terminal Bus Cimone

2 Minute

  • Pintu Tol Bitung
  • RS Hermina Bitung
  • Sekolah Tunas Bangsa

10 Minute

  • Stasiun Pasar Lama
  • SuperMall Karawaci

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    Magnolia Residence

    Modern Lifestyle Homes for Sales for You


    If you’re looking for homes for sale or to buy property in Tangerang area, then Magnolia Residence is the one. It’s a common knowledge for people who want to buy property or homes for sale that there are mandatory criteria that have to be fulfilled. The location  have to be strategic, complete facilities with many schools preferable for families with children, great building, and also a refreshing surrounding. For those who are looking to buy property for investment, these criteria also have to be met in order to avoid price stagnant. Magnolia Residence offers all that.

    Magnolia Residence is the pilot project of Intiland in Tangerang, and the first homes for sale by Intiland that is available in the region. Just like other Intiland properties, Magnolia Residences also presents high-quality environmental living. This property offer homes for sale with uplifting facilities, fresh surroundings, safe living standard and also a strategic location for many opportunities.  Perfect for families who are looking to buy property in Tangerang.

    Adapts to your modernity

    One of the most important points when you’re looking for homes for sale or to buy property nowadays is the minimalist design. Minimalist house design is about achieving better designs and utilizing the maximum potential of a property. It will also make your life stress-free since you’ll be focusing more on choosing the important things to put in the house and get rid of the rest.

    When talking about a minimalistic homes for sale, Magnolia Residence would be the first choice. With the area of 14ha, this housing complex manages to offer the best quality of homes for sale with modern living standards for its residents. In this era, people are looking to buy property with modern and minimalistic look. Magnolia Residence focuses on minimalistic design and eco-friendly concept that will picture an oasis for you who love to indulge in a modern lifestyle, the perfect option for you who want to buy property with minimalistic yet modern design. In this housing complex, you are encouraged to live up to your modernity life and we’re sure that you will not want to look for other homes for sale in Tangerang beside Magnolia Residence.

    Strategic Location

    Magnolia Residence is strategically located and occupied with the best facilities and transportation access, the ideal location in any homes for sale that people are looking for. With its location, people who’re looking to buy property in Tangerang can get themselves exposed to more opportunities from leisure to business. Magnolia Residence is close to train stations, shops, culinary spots, business complex, industrial district and many other facilities that will elevate and simplify the resident’s lifestyle.  Magnolia Residence guarantees residents for a better quality of life, perfect for families or investors who are looking to buy property or homes for sale.

    For easy access, Magnolia Residence is nearby to several highways that connect to the busiest places in Jakarta and around. This is also one of the most important thing to consider if you’re looking to buy property. A property that close to highways will put families at ease because it will be closer for them to commute from work to home and vice versa. Those highways are Tol Bitung and Tol Balaraja Serpong. Aside from highways, MRT access will also available soon following the central government activity in building MRT and LRT in Jakarta which also connects to other promising cities around Jakarta, especially Tangerang. The MRT route that will be available for access is MRT Balaraja-Jakarta-Cikarang. Malls like Supermall Karawaci and Tangcity are also nearby giving residents the luxury to indulge in a more modern lifestyle. For healthcare option, Siloam Hospital Karawaci is available in 20 minutes.

    Refreshing Surroundings

    Despite its strategic locations and complete facilities, Intiland still prioritize a serene and refreshing surroundings for people who are looking homes for sale to reside with their families. It is the perfect housing complex to escape the business of town with its refreshing air and green concept. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Tangerang for your family, Magnolia Residence is the perfect choice.