“Our Brezza project was able to cut 30% of waste in construction cost by adjusting its window specifications.”

– Hendro S. Gondokusumo, Founder & CEO –

Sustainability Highlights

Consolidated revenue in 2022

Rp3.14 trillion

Consolidated marketing-sales in 2022

Rp1.08 trillion

Total assets in 2022

Rp16.35 trillion

Intiland has managed to keep its office buildings’ energy intensity below 200 kWh/m2 in 2022

<200 kWh/m2 Energy Intensity in 2022

Our Brezza customers can enjoy wider window openings from 2,000 to 2,400 mm with thinner window frame of only 70 mm instead of 100mm, resulting in a 30% waste reduction in Brezza construction.

30% Waste Reduction

The newly installed 69 units of solar-powered street lighting in Aeropolis, generates 4,140 watts of energy that would otherwise be reliant upon grid electricity.

4,140 Watts of Electricity Efficiency

Our integrated office complex South Quarter received the Gold Rating for Existing Building – Greenship V1.1 from Green Building Council Indonesia.

Gold Rating for Existing Building – Greenship V1.1 2022 – 2025

Intiland was awarded the Sustainability for Commercial Property Category at TrenAsia ESG Excellence 2022 Award. This award was given to Intiland for the Company’s success in managing the environmental, social, and governance aspects in its project developments.

TrenAsia ESG Excellence Awards 2022

Surabaya City Government gave Environmental Management Compliance Awards to three of Intiland’s projects; Graha Golf, Praxis and Spazio for their commitment to fulfill compliance obligations in environmental aspects.

Appreciation for Environmental Management Compliance from the Mayor of Surabaya

1Park Avenue – Building Management was able to improve its 5S audit scores from 64% to 82%.

82% 5S Audit Results

SQ Res and 57 Promenade recorded no accidents or injuries in 2022.

0 Total Accidents or Injuries

Tenants of South Quarter greatly appreciate our building management for the services.

98% Customer Satisfaction Rate

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