Club Serenia Mansion is a modern exclusive club with a touch of cool tropical garden. Located in Serenia Hills residential area, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, Club Serenia Mansion is a sports center facility and a modern club house that stands on an area of 1 hectare. The club is equipped with facilities such as swimming pool, mini soccer, gym, cafe, and function room.


Located in the Serenia Hills residential area of Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, Club Serenia Mansion is only a few minutes away from the MRT station and Pondok Pinang toll gate. You can also find South Quarter, several options of malls, AND well-known shopping centers.

Going anywhere is easier


  • Pondok Pinang Toll Gate
  • Lebak Bulus MRT Station


  • Singapore International School
  • High Scope Indonesia School


  • Mayapada Hospital
  • Siloam Hospital

Shopping and Retail Centers

  • CBD TB Simatupang
  • Pondok Indah Mall
  • Cilandak Town Square



Ruang Serbaguna

Sports Club

Oceano Football Stadium

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    Serenia Hills SportClub

    Club Serenia Mansion is actually part of housing estate that provided several sport facilities. Here you can find mini soccer stadium, playground, club house, and the best swimming pool Jakarta. This fitness center could be the place that you are looking for the whole time.

    High quality of service is the main thing which Club Serenia Mansion provided. Supported with various sport and equipment, it will bring your sport experience one step further. For instance, you will find the best mini soccer Jakarta stadium at this place. Not every sport center provides an adequate stadium for mini soccer Jakarta, but here you can find the best one. Club Serenia Mansion is exclusive sport club that fairly surrounded by tropical accent, and famous as the center of swimming pool Jakarta.

    Sport Facilities

    Club Serenia Mansion could be the most appropriate fitness center due to complete facilities. For instance, there are jogging track, swimming pool, fitness club, multi-purpose area, open garden, and the best outdoor mini soccer Jakarta stadium. All you can access with no extra charge in it.

    Perhaps this mini soccer Jakarta stadium, as well as swimming pool Jakarta, is the most highlighted from Club Serenia Mansion. It’s located at outdoor area, and you can play real soccer here instead of futsal. It was like real stadium, especially from the overall design and the bench that provided, except the size.

    If you have plan to practice your skill at mini soccer Jakarta with different atmosphere, you may go to the stadium. Here you can practice your skill right at the edge of the sea. But if you prefer to table tennis, you can play at Club Serenia Mansion freely, located right in the next of swimming pool. To provide supportive atmosphere, there are locker, sauna room, café, free mineral water, and vast parking area. Let’s say, while you practice at the best swimming pool Jakarta, you don’t need to worry your stuff gets accidently exchanged with others because you will get a personal locker for your need.

    Club Serenia Mansion guarantees your comfortability by providing 24 hours security, including secure parking. So, again, you don’t have to worry while practicing your skill at the best mini soccer Jakarta. You may come any time, and don’t worry about parking space. It’s wide enough to accommodate any kind of vehicles.

    Schedule List

    If you want to join sport club, just come between Monday-Saturday from 06.00-22.00 WIB, or 06.00-20.00 WIB at Sunday. Here you find lot of sport event, including kind of hard and soft exercises. Though you are very welcome to access every equipment, including the best swimming pool Jakarta. But if you are a fan of mini soccer or futsal, you can rent the stadium every day at 06.00-23.30 WIB.

    This stadium is quite different from others, it’s an outdoor area. That’s why many visitor called it as mini soccer stadium, because you can play soccer as real as possible but in smaller field. Club Serenia Mansion not only provide high standard sport facilities, but also a place to get leisure. There are some cafes that open every day at 07.00-22.00 WIB with several menu. Once you visit, you will find a dramatic scenery about the overall landscape, and you may relax your body.

    Other is D’banquet Serenia Hills, a suitable place to hold office gathering and family gathering, formal and casual meeting, or even birthday party and wedding party. It can be adjusted according to your needs, and so the menu. D’banquet is categorized as an exclusive place with full of tropical nuance in Jakarta Selatan. This prestigious place is able to hold about 300 attendances and surrounded with swimming pool, city garden, and city forest.


    As the center of swimming pool Jakarta, this club is accessible enough for everyone. What’s more, Club Serenia Mansion situated at the most strategic location in Jakarta, precisely at Lebak Bulus, Cilandak. It’s closed to Lebak Bulus MRT Station, and you only need a minute to reach.

    Club Serenia Mansion is surrounded by the most important public facilities, such as Siloam Hospital, South Quarter, Cilandak Town Square, Singapore International School, also Pondok Pinang Toll Gate. Just get inside to the area, and you will find numerous things that make you healthier. By looking to those facilities, it’s easy to give a credit to Club Serenia Mansion as the best sport center at Jakarta. It offers the best swimming pool Jakarta, as well as mini soccer Jakarta stadium.

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