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    Fifty Seven Promenade

    A True Definition of Luxury Apartment Jakarta

    For urban dwellers, staying in a luxury apartment Jakarta has been a prime choice for many reasons. The idea of having a lavish home in a strategic and safe neighborhood is definitely everyone´s first priority. The Fifty Seven Promenade is the apartment Jakarta for sale, strategically located at the heart of the city – next to Bundaran HI. Along with the government projects to improve Jakarta´s infrastructures, Fifty Seven Promenade creates a perfect living that adheres to today´s lifestyle and modern necessities.

    Fifty Seven Promenade: The Luxury Apartment Jakarta

    The residence boasts impeccable features of a luxury complex. Whether it is a business meeting, fine-dining or window-shopping – everything you need is closer than you think! The Fifty Seven Promenade is internally connected to two prestigious shopping hubs, Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia. Thanks to the easy access from walkways to sky bridge that gives an unparalleled convenience.

    As the city´s infrastructure is getting better, there is an important aspect of living near the public transports. This is why, the project is purposely built in a close proximity to to airport, MRT and LRT. Fifty Seven Promenade offers excellent multiple exits that link to Trans Jakarta, MRT, and Airport train.

    Fun and Vibrant Apartment Jakarta for Sale

    The Fifty Seven Promenade offers an incredible tranquility with everything you need under one roof. You´ll quickly fall in love with the immaculate interior and the vibrant scenes it offers. Enjoy a lavish home by choosing from two prominent urban livings – Sky57 and City57!

    Sky57 is a stylish apartment Jakarta for sale, soaring above the metropolis with excellent view of the skyline and refreshing sound of its waterfront. There are 49 dedicated floors and you can pick a studio (81.91 m2), two-bedroom (115.48 m2), or three-bedroom (182.91 m2) apartment with various sizes and amenities. There are 8 units per floor starting from floor 2 to 21.

    City57 is an expansive apartment Jakarta for sale where you can create your dream home by optimizing each room from the spacious place. It presents a remarkable urban lifestyle opportunity with an abundance of versatilities. From the 24 stories, there are 13 units per floor, from floor 2 to 21. The City57 studio is a 55m2 space with one bedroom. If you´re looking for a bigger area, there´s a two-bedroom apartment that boasts 103.84 m2 of space

    The Best Luxury Apartment Jakarta Designed for Convenience

    Intiland campaign “Stay on The Blue Line” has created an integrated living that connects homes to MRT stations and other means of public transports. Not only that the stations are just stone-throw away, this luxury apartment Jakarta is a mixed use concept, uniquely designed to combine nature and modern upscale living into one.

    Plenty of incredible amenities to take advantage of this apartment Jakarta for sale, including indoor and outdoor popular options. From the entrance lobby, one can already feel the refreshing outdoor Promenade that offers plenty of activities. A jogging track that circles the area, waterfront walkways surrounded by greeneries, a yoga corner, a children´s playground and retail area with private drop off.

    On the Sky Bridge area, a gym and spa overlooking the skyscrapers will let you enjoy the utmost indulgence right from the luxury apartment Jakarta. Not to mention, the highest quality service from the staffs adds a unique touch of hospitality. There´s an entertainment area that lets you share the fun with friends and family by playing billiard and dart. Want to soak up the sun? A semi outdoor pool and rooftop pool are the perfect place to enjoy the sunset. At night, feel the breeze on the rooftop lounge while mesmerizing on the breathtaking city lights.

    Looking for Apartment Jakarta for Sale?

    The future development of Fifty Seven Promenade project will include mixed use office, boutique office and retail space projects. These elements create a luxury apartment Jakarta with a full amenities and facilities without leaving behind the active metropolitan lifestyle. If you´re looking for luxury apartment Jakarta as your valuable investment, Fifty Seven Promenade is your answer. Contact us to find out more about the apartment Jakarta for sale!

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