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    South Quarter Dome

    Beyond a workplace, beyond an excitement

    Intiland has an eye for wide spaces, comfy, serene and functional environment. In Jakarta, the Intiland as one of the top developers has been expanding its wings outside the housing property. For this time, we are focusing on a workplace with functionality, homey and effective environment. These values are injected into its latest property in South Jakarta, the South Quarter Dome.

    This is more than just a workplace. This property offers you an environment that inspires people to maximise their performance and give their best. The whole concept of the South Quarter Dome is sustainability and multi-use development that will carry benefits for the environment and people. The reason why it has pocketed Best Office Architectural Design by South East Asia Property Award in 2016.


    This place consists of 80% open space in a 7.2ha area. It is also designed according to the solar orientation to increase the convenience inside the building and reduce energy consumption. For a traditional touch, South Quarter Dome is decorated with rattan basket which is a staple in Indonesian culture that also shows an eco-friendly spirit through its organic elegance rattan decoration.

    Facilities & Events

    This workplace emphasizes that this property is something beyond your usual workplace. It is equipped with many facilities that would make you to continuously get a quality relaxing time during your busy schedules, in between of your spreadsheets and emails, or in between of your meetings and presentations. Intiland understand how important it is to have a good break time in between your hectic schedule, have a nice cup of coffee at some coffee shop Jakarta Selatan or maybe grab a delicious bite or two at some restaurant Jakarta Selatan.

    Hence, this unique workplace is equipped with complete facilities such as supermarket, health and fitness centre, coffee shop Jakarta Selatan, book store, ATM & bank, fibre optics, shower facility, restaurant Jakarta Selatan, pharmacy, canteen, money changer, daily necessities and others are available. However, most of the anticipated facilities are coffee shop Jakarta Selatan and restaurants Jakarta Selatan. South Quarter Dome have a great number of restaurant Jakarta Selatan and coffee shop Jakarta Selatan that would make your day-to-day activity brighter. We all know that some great food at a great restaurant Jakarta Selatan will make us happier to go through the busy work day.

    South Quarter Dome would like this property to be another melting point of hip activity in Jakarta Selatan. Thus, the numbers of coffee shop Jakarta Selatan and restaurant jakarta selatan are added. Some of the coffee shop Jakarta Selatan available are Mokka, Starbucks, Liberica and more. Meanwhile, restaurants such as Do An, Carl’s Jr, We, Waroeng Kita, Lau’s Kopi, Tous les Jours, Wing Stop, 3 Monkeys, Mama Melaka are also available at the South Quarter Dome.

    Imagine workdays with stress-free environment, where you can relax at some great coffee shop Jakarta Selatan to start your day and in the middle of a busy afternoon. Maybe one day you’ll need to impress your partners, clients, or even just to take your co-workers to celebrate certain accomplishments at a great restaurant jakarta selatan. You can unwind everytime you need without having to commute to other places and avoid the busy city traffic, as well as saving time.

    Aside from the facilities, South Quarter Dome also has many events every month with different themes that would provide customers with more benefits and enjoy their time at the South Quarter Dome. Events including competition, talks, workshops, fashion, and other promotions.

    Strategic Location

    South Quarter Dome is located in a high-class area between Pondok Indah dan Fatmawati. The area is one of the most convenient areas in Jakarta where retail, office spaces, apartments, restaurants and more are located in the same place. It can be easily reached with MRT through Lebak Bulus MRT Station and also by road through Pondok Pinang Toll Gate. Some of the nearest shopping malls around South Quarter Dome are Pondok Indah Mall, Cinere Bellevue and One Belpark Mall. While for hospitals, Mayapada Hospital and Siloam Hospital are located close to South Quarter Dome. Not only hospitals, but educational institutions such as High Scope Indonesia School and Singapore International School can also be reached in no time from South Quarter Dome.

    If you need to take your children to go to school in the middle of your work, and have a great chat with them at some coffee shop Jakarta Selatan, or maybe take them to have a good lunch after school at a nice restaurant Jakarta Selatan, this place covered it all. You also don’t need to worry if you need to have a medical treatment in the middle of work hours. With just a couple of steps, you’ll reach all the facilities you need. This is the ideal workplace for you.

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