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World Trade Center Surabaya is located in a busy big street in the middle of the city that is close to many facilities such as hotels, hospitals, train station, malls, even some favorite tourism spots and historical landmarks. Its prime location makes WTC Surabaya very easy to reach and always packed with visitors.



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About WTC Surabaya

Now coming with a new face, World Trade Center Surabaya has been the best solution for your gadget and telecommunication needs for years. You can find places to buy and sell gadgets with its spare parts and accessories, service centers, mobile network operator outlets, and more. The 6-storey shopping mall also provides a meeting place or private space for communities, a food court with WiFi facilities, as well as an attractive outdoor area with clean minimalist design.

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    WTC Surabaya

    The Best Electronic Mall in Surabaya

    Whether you have an electronic start up business or a plan to expand your current company, being able to lease a space in mall Surabaya is a milestone. It is said that the business returns are gratifying due to the massive amount of daily traffic that contributes to better exposure of your business.

    WTC Surabaya is a mall Surabaya dedicated to selling gadgets, from smartphones, laptops, to cameras. With hundreds of tenants and counters in the 6-storey building, you can find all type of newest gadgets from the leading brands, including its service center, representative office and more.

    A convenient mall Surabaya with full facilities

    With more stores opening up, WTC Surabaya somehow becomes the tech town. WTC Surabaya now has a longer operational hours to meet customers demands. This is a one-stop solution for gadget enthusiasts with a huge parking lot, minimart, and food court inside the building. These are the amenities that visitors can opt for. There is no need to walk outside the complex as it provides the services you regularly need.

    Additionally, the interior design and arrangement of each space have been carefully mapped so it wont leave visitors clueless. Each level is dedicated to a specific gadget niche, for instance, computers, smartphones and services – a very much convenient for gadget hunting experience.

    Mall Surabaya that matches your market

    The visitors who come into WTC Surabaya are not merely window-shopping or sight-seeing. T6hey are there for a reason – finding a gadget. If you´re running electronic business, you need to determine which mall suits your target market. Tech savvy and gadget enthusiasts have a go-to place when it comes to electronic Surabaya. WTC Surabaya is where they would find everything they need.

    Thus, imagine a meeting place where seller and buyer found each other at the right time? WTC Surabaya is a segmented business center that does not need you to scour through the piles to find your customers from zero.

    What can be better than a prime location for your electronic Surabaya business?

    A spacious walkway and strategic space, you can set up your electronic Surabaya business in WTC Surabaya and have customers looking for your counter instead of having to show up on their doorstep. If you look at other successful electronic Surabaya stores, you will notice that most of them have secured a space in mall Surabaya. The reason is obvious, the more visible the store, the more attention they get.

    Your electronic Surabaya business can grow to the next level with WTC Surabaya. Having a favorable retail space to showcase your products and services is an achievement that marks your business expansion.

    Engage with your customers in mall Surabaya

    You´ll probably ask, why a physical store for your electronic Surabaya instead of an online shop? Physical store lets you connect with your loyal and potential customers on a human level – something that an online store can´t definitely do. Yes, technology makes purchasing easier and more convenient but there is no replacement for immersive experience that one gets when shopping in a brick and mortar counter, especially when the products are electronic, which most of the time, are costly. Consumers tend to prefer buy safely than regret later.

    Expand your network with WTC Surabaya!

    Having your electronic Surabaya set in a mall Surabaya means you expand your network and let others learn about your business. This approach is recommended to increase brand awareness and earn trust before you decide to open a virtual store.

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