About Batang Industrial Park

The surge in economic activity around Central Java has stimulated fresh demand for production bases, prompting Intiland to endeavour once again into industrial parks via Batang Industrial Park in Batang, Central Java. The park is set to catalyze further regional growth by furnishing the area with critical infrastructure necessary to attract businesses of all scales and sizes. The park additionally offers optimal investment value for entrepreneurs by providing an extensive selection of plots, besides ready-built factory buildings, warehouses, and commercial areas that are sure to meet the requirements of major businesses and industries.


"Time is of the essence as businesses race to fulfill market demand efficiently."

25 KM Pekalongan Train Station

25 KM Pekalongan Train Station

80 KM Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang

85 KM Tanjung Emas Seaport, Semarang

160 KM West Java International Airport Kertajati, Cirebon

260 KM Patimban Seaport, Subang

Batang Industrial Park is strategically located on principal thoroughfares of transportation and logistics, expediting the flow of goods as well as materials to and from the park.

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