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    Spazio Tower Surabaya

    Professional and flexible commercial office space for rent

    The rapid growth of the west side of Surabaya has offered favorable quality of life and work. With the lifestyle and current trends are changing the game on how people work and play – Spazio Tower Surabaya is available to become the solution of today´s necessities by offering commercial office space for rent in the bustling neighborhood of Surabaya.

    Spazio tower Surabaya: your future office!

    Offering a broad array of amenities and service options, Spazio provides commercial office building that enable businesses of all types to grow. Situated in the highly-trafficked West Surabaya district, the commercial office space for rent is adjacent to shopping centers, food galore and main roads.

    Commercial office space for rent in prime location

    Spazio is one of the most dynamic retail space in the city, with plenty of office spaces to rent – it has outstanding services and considerably huge parking lot. Spazio tower Surabaya provides tenants with access to more retail shops and some of the delectable restaurant in Surabaya. All within walking distance!

    Spazio tower Surabaya has amenities on-site, including fast internet connection, spacious meeting room, open corridor, food court, restaurant in Surabaya, fitness center, and auditorium. This is a perfect fit for tenants seeking a space in strategic location.

    Another advantage to take from Spazio tower Surabaya is the proximity to Satelit toll gate. The commercial office space for rent is next to modern retail spaces such as Spazio, Loop, Graha Fairground, and Pakuwon and Lenmarc mall.

    Meet the most dynamic community in town with Spazio tower Surabaya

    Whether you´re owning a restaurant in Surabaya or renting a space, the Spazio tower as an office space lets you expand your network. There will be many industry leading companies and startups renting a space next to yours and this is a great opportunity to create a partnership and let your business thrive.

    A perfect set up for a restaurant in Surabaya

    As an office property, Spazio tower Surabaya offers a dynamic vibe for those who wish to open a business restaurant in Surabaya. Your property is visible from the main street and can be reached easily through a dedicated parking area.

    Most of business meetings are held in Spazio tower Surabaya. This is due to the major location it is set among the 5-star hotels namely Vasa, Shangri-La, Ascott Waterplace and Spazio Tower Hotel (Kayumanis Hotel). When establishing your restaurant in Surabaya, Spazio is a perfect place to begin with as visitors prefer to grab a lunch within distance than to go somewhere else.

    Get access to your most favorite commercial office space for rent now!

    Physical address matters most to all kind of business. This enables your customers to reach out to you and in return, you earn more trusts from them. By leasing a commercial space, you can get a premium business address and create a professional impression.

    Elevate your business with Spazio at a great price. Explore commercial office space for rent in Spazio tower or find the perfect listing for you on our website. Contact us for more information!

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