About Poins

Poins is a one-stop shopping center located near MRT Station Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. Poins offers shopping area, retail area, hotel, and apartment. Currently the shopping area is known as one of the city’s centers for electronics, mobile phones, computers, and cameras, in South Jakarta. Its hotel is managed by Whiz hotel chain through its 4-star hotel brand Grand Whiz Poins Square.



24-hour Security





Poins is strategically located next to the MRT Lebak Bulus station and thus it will serve as a meeting point for people that use this transportation mode.

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) zone of Lebak Bulus is also an integrated mixed-use zone designated by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, to be developed in accord with the mass transportation projects such as MRT, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Commuter Line, Light Rail Transit (LRT), and Light Rail (KRL).

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