At Sports Club Talaga Bestari, you are offered a variety of sports fasilities, such as swimming pool and gym. There is also a variety of culinary for pampering your tongue after exercise. This Sports Club is perfect for you to visit with family while enjoying the weekend.


Talaga Bestari Sports Club is located in Talaga Bestari residential area, and is one of the favorite fitness centers for Tangerang residents. Its location is easy to reach from main road of Serang Highway, Cikupa Tangerang, through Jakarta - Merak toll road exit, giving easy access for you to visit.

Going anywhere is easier


  • Balaraja Timur Toll
  • Balaraja Serpong Toll (soon)
  • MRT Balaraja-Jakarta-Cikarang (soon)


  • Siloam Hospital Karawaci (-+ 20 minutes)

Shopping Malls & Retails

  • Supermall Karawaci
  • Tangcity Mall

Educational Institutions

  • Al Azhar Syifa Budi Talaga Bestari School
  • Montessori School



Swimming Pool

Fitnes Center


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    Talaga Bestari Sports Club

    Nothing is like Talaga Bestari Tangerang in the term of fitness Tangerang. Talaga Bestari Tangerang is a fitness gym complex which is suitable for you who have a plan to live healthy. Here you can perform several exercise that help your body get healthier than ever. This fitness gym is supported with various modern equipment and several aerobic classes at daily basis. Talaga Bestari Tangerang has experience more than couple years, and the only fitness Tangerang that open at the early morning and closed at late night.

    It’s not only limited as the center of fitness Tangerang, but also a place as recreational purpose. With supportive atmosphere, it could be the only option if you didn’t want leave the city. A matter of fact, fitness gym Talaga Bestari Tangerang is a part Jungle Walk estate.


    There are three main categories of Talaga Bestari Tangerang, which are tectona gym and aerobic as the best fitness Tangerang, Telaga Biru swimming pool, and Warung Koki. There are freestyle area, functional ground training, and aerobic studio, which fully equipped with modern tools. Telaga Biru, perhaps, is one of the most favored pool in Tangerang area that offers comfortability and safety. You will find that Telaga Biru is the best with clear water and supportive environment. So if you want to fill your holiday, visiting Talaga Bestari Tangerang could be the best options.

    Another category is food and beverage area closed to fitness gym. If you didn’t want to try the best fitness Tangerang or swim, then you may try the dish. Several resto stand out firmly to offer various foods and beverages, ranging from local menu to western menu. Don’t worry about the price, it’s pretty affordable and won’t broke you at all. With fantastic outdoor design, surely it’s the best spot to spend the time with your partner of family. Surrounded by clear environment and comfortable area, Talaga Bestari Tangerang obviously is the best option.


    Various sport classes are available at different time, so you have a chance to join fitness Tangerang any time. Aerobic class is useful to increase your metabolism, strengthening muscle, and reduce your anxiety. Or you may join body combat class that combine every type of martial arts in the world. There is a class called HIIT that focused on cardio. You will be asked to sprint for 20-30 seconds then followed by walking at slow pace. But if you want a sport with lot of fun, don’t forget to join Zumba class. Here you can shake your body with Colombian dance and have fun.

    Other option at fitness gym is aqua Zumba class. The basic movement is the same as ordinary Zumba, but you do that under water. There is pilates class that useful to increase your body flexibility and fix imbalance body shape, and intro step which is useful to burn calories. Body pump class will train your hand much stronger by lifting the weight, but if you want to soft sport, just try body language. The movement is just like when you warming up before performing an exercise. Another soft sport is freeletics that designed to shape your body into ideal one.

    If you want increase your self-defense skill, you may join muay thai class, and it will be very useful for you. Other class that available is yoga which focus on breath movement and meditation. All those classes are available at fixed schedule, so make sure to check fitness gym first.


    Talaga Bestari Tangerang situated at strategic location, which is closed to Serang main road and Jakarta-Merak toll gate. It’s only a minute from MRT Balaraja and other famous landmark such as Siloam Hospital Karawaci, Supermall Karawaci, Tangcity Mall, and Montessori School. The three main facilities are available at different package. For instance, tectona gym and aerobic, the price begins at IDR 300.000. While the package of Telaga Biru starting at IDR 25.000. Just for the record, Talaga Bestari Tangerang opens at 07.00-21.00.

    Due to various classes and all facilities at fitness gym, Talaga Bestari Tangerang is highly recommended for everyone who seek quality fitness center at Tangerang. You can visit this fitness gym as easy as possible at any time. Here you can try the best fitness Tangerang sport, or just enjoy the pool or the dish and the overall scenery.

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