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Premium Residence, ready to use and semi furnished by a well-known brand, Smag. Security is maintained with a monitor screen to see guests directly from your unit and 1 floor Exclusivity is only 4 units with separate access.

Equipped with complete facilities both for sports such as swimming pools, basketball courts and tennis courts or other needs such as children playground, cinema, karaoke room, playroom also function room.

1Park is located in Kebayoran baru, South Jakarta and is within a minute of Gandaria City mall and Gandaria Hospital. Surrounded by offices, hospitals, shopping malls, and international schools.

1Park can be the best option for those of you who are looking for a dream residence. We present a habitable ready-to-live residence by prioritizing comfort, high accessibility and strategic location.

Unit Type 1Park Hamilton

Our Location

3 Minutes

  • Gandaria City Mall
  • Hotel Sheraton

5 Minutes

  • Lentera Kasih School
  • Preschool National Montessori

10 Minutes

  • RS Pusat Pertamina
  • Binus Simprug

15 Minutes

  • Mal Senayan City
  • Mal Pondok Indah


“We adhere to three key principles in every development of our property projects, namely creating a Comfortable Life, Consistent in Quality Standards, and being able to make a Positive Contribution to society and the environment.”

Hendro S. Gondokusumo, Pendiri & CEO

Established since 1983, Intiland has developed various iconic buildings such as Intiland Tower designed by famous architect Paul Rudolph, regatta beachfront condominiums & integrated South Quarter area that is the work of Tom Wright, architect of Burj Al-Arab.

Intiland has also built several prestigious residential areas in major cities such as Jakarta & Surabaya for those of you who like the convenience of classy living.

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    The Hamilton Tower, Luxury Apartment in South Jakarta with a Comfortable Nature Concept

    Are you looking for a luxury apartment in South Jakarta with an interesting concept and of course a super strategic location? 1Park Hamilton Apartment is the best luxury residential solution for you. The location is guaranteed to be super strategic and the quality itself is unquestionable considering that this residence is the work of Intiland which has developed various types of classy residences in several big cities in the country.

    Super Strategic Location

    The first attraction of this South Jakarta apartment is its strategic location. This luxury apartment in South Jakarta is located in Gandaria, Kebayoran Baru with easy access to Jakarta’s Central Business District (CBD). Not only that, the location also close to several other public places in the form of large shopping centers such as Gandaria City, Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall, and Senayan City; educational institutions such as Binus International School; and Pertamina Hospital.

    What does it mean? This means that this South Jakarta apartment provides easy mobility for its residents for all their needs. In terms of location plus various other advantages such as facilities and building quality, 1Park Avenue apartment especially The Hamilton Tower is the best residence and investment for you now and in the future.

    The Hamilton Tower

    The Hamilton Tower is a special residential complex in the 1Park Avenue area. This luxury apartment in South Jakarta carries various features and advantages that make it superior to other residences such as:

    Carrying the Concept of Residential Ready for Occupancy

    You don’t need to prepare anything, come and immediately enjoy all the conveniences available in it. This luxury apartment in South Jakarta is equipped with a variety of furniture ranging from beds, wardrobes, sofas, dining tables, to cutlery. Every piece of furniture inside is the handiwork of Thomas Elliot, a leading architect who has won many awards. The marble used in the kitchen area is imported high-quality marble with a modern luxury appearance.

    You don’t need to bother thinking about residential development plans, the right type of furniture for each room, as well as the purchase and arrangement of the furniture. The investment you make in this South Jakarta apartment provides convenience and comfort that is difficult to find elsewhere.

    Resort Design Concept

    This South Jakarta apartment was built with the concept of a resort. The residential area is equipped with a variety of green plants and flowing water around it. You will feel like you are on vacation every time you enter this luxury apartment in South Jakarta.

    Approximately 70% of this residential complex is specifically designated for reforestation areas which are equipped with various water features ranging from fountains to swimming pools for children and adults. Imagine enjoying all the comforts of the resort amidst the hustle and bustle of the capital city. Fatigue that feels after working all day will disappear in a residential atmosphere like this.

    Complete Variety of Facilities for Various Needs

    Talking about facilities, you will get so many things in this South Jakarta apartment area in the form of:

    • Business area and library
    • Private dining room
    • Karaoke room
    • Billiards game room
    • Gym, aerobics classroom and sauna
    • Mini-football, basketball and tennis courts
    • Jogging area
    • Swimming pool
    • BBQ area
    • Multi-function room that can be used for various events
    • Mini Market
    • Spacious parking area
    • Security facilities equipped with CCTV

    South Jakarta Apartment, The Hamilton is equipped with everything that can meet the needs of every family member. The residential atmosphere that resembles a resort is certainly very supportive of the health of you and your family, both physical and spiritual health.

    The choice of luxury apartment residences in South Jakarta, namely The Hamilton at 1Park Avenue is here to meet the needs of modern people for a luxurious, comfortable, and strategic residence. The resort-style nature concept that is presented is an added value that makes this South Jakarta apartment the main choice among similar residential types in the vicinity. What are you waiting for, get now the best unit at The Hamilton.

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