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With Intiland

Qualified Human Resources are the Key to Intiland's Success in Developing Dream Property

We are always looking for the best individuals from across the country to contribute and thrive in Intiland’s shared properties. Recruitment policy
Intiland employees are tailored to a standardized selection process so that we find the best professionals in their field.

Are you interested in further developing and contributing to building the country with us?


Maximise Your Potential with Various Development Programs

At Intiland, we have been preparing programs to keep your potential growth. We also expand your opportunities through project-based tasks. You can go directly to sharpen your technical and non-technical skills and leadership spirit.


The Right Place to Learn & Develop Your Potential

Intiland always strives to support and motivate employees to keep innovating and developing themselves. Creativity, initiative, and high will are great things we value.

With an open, trustworthy, and dynamic work environment in line with strong corporate values, your chances of improving your skills and self-competencies toward a successful career path can be achieved here.

You will Feel a Diversity When Working in Intiland

We believe that individuals of all backgrounds are entitled to equal opportunity. We are open to anyone, from employee recruitment to work environment.

Various Activities You Can Join in Intiland

Human Capital activities aim to encourage participation of all members of the organization and improve communication in order to create mutually supportive and inspiring relationships. Human Capital activities that have been running or planned are:

This community is formed and consists of employees who are in the same field. In this community, there is a sharing forum that discusses new things and trends that are popular today. Intiland already has a Sales Forum, Architects Forum, and Leaders Forum.
This community is formed by employees who have similar interests to a particular field. Each employee can choose a community that suits their interests, such as futsal, fun bike, photography, music, Gen Y creativity, knowledge sharing forum, book review, TRICE day, and many more.

Now Is the Time for You to Be a Part of Us

Let’s move forward and keep on growing together for the better. Are you ready to join and accept a new challenge on Intiland? Choose a position according to your competence!

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