Our Community

Our Community

The Company is fully aware of the need for meaningful and positive contribution to the society, either those living in the proximity of the projects or the general populace. This contribution is the main material with which the Company can ensure sustainable business. This is one philosophy that rings true with the Company’s own vision: To provide an opportunity for all Indonesians to have a comfortable living. The definition of comfortable living is none other than living happily and in prosperity surrounded by loved ones and close associates in a comfortable and delightful home within a clean environment and good facilities.

The strong commitment and efforts made by the Company in sustainable CSR programs and activities have resulted in recognition and appreciation from many institutions since 2017. In July 2020, the Company won the Top CSR Awards Star 3 at the Top CSR Awards 2020 which was held by Top Business magazine, the National Committee on Governance Policy, and the CSR Society.

At the same event, the founder and president director of the Company, Hendro S. Gondokusumo, also received an award as Top Leader on CSR Commitment 2020. This award is an appreciation for the Company and the Company’s leaders for their dedication and commitment to providing concrete contributions and benefits to society and the environment and benefits to society and the environment. The Company carries out an integrated CSR program at the corporate level and in every project development. The main priority of the CSR program is set for the nearest environment (1st ring), namely the community around the projects developed by the Company which is located in Jakarta, Tangerang, Banten, Surabaya, Mojokerto, and up to several areas in the provinces of East Java and Central Java.

CSR Fund Allocation

Intiland spends funds on CSR for about IDR 2,250,000,000 or 0.9% from net profit

Social and Community Affair

The Company believes that its success is inseparable from the contribution of the surrounding community. The Company always strives to be socially and environmentally responsible by contributing back to the improvement of their quality of life. Intiland carries out a series of community engagement and empowerment programs at the corporate level, as well as through projects that it is developing.

Community Activities

We highly value community in our projects. Being part of a community makes us feel that we connect to each other, feel safe and secure. This will create strong bonds among us and make us feel that we are one big family. Community becomes a very important strong foundation for the sustainability of the projects we are developing