“Intiland believes that by conducting procurement based on the principles of procurement of goods, the Company can maintain the value proposition given to consumers.”

Intiland implements several standards on quality, design, price as well as technical specification. In certain cases where applicable, we apply sticter criteria for environmental factors, especially for our key suppliers.

Intiland conducts the principle of procurement of goods accordingly through a careful inspection of each report of amounts, confirmation of all engineering solutions, and ensures that each product has been installed and received according to specifications without any reduction in features or quality.

The company is committed to providing the best residence for its consumers and assured that the policy carried out by the procurement division will not affect the final results of Intiland’s products. The ultimate goal is to achieve procurement or construction on a budget while meeting specifications, longevity and serviceability are also key factors.

Economic Value Generated

Economic Value Distributed

(in Million Rupiah)


Operating Cost

  • Procurement
  • Contractor and supplier
  • Payments
  • Marketing expenses
2020 : Rp1,834,833
2019 : Rp1,803,587
2018 : Rp1,820,266

Payments to providers of Capital

  • Interest costs
  • Dividends paid to shareholders
2020 : Rp413,464
2019 : Rp439,566
2018 : Rp290,034

Community Investment

  • Social & public facilities
  • Community service
  • Philanthrophic donations
2020 : Rp889
2019 : Rp2,140
2018 : Rp2,250

Employees Wages and Benefit

  • Salaries
  • Work insurance
  • Medical expenses
  • Retirement plans
  • Other compensation & benefits
2020 : Rp278,166
2019 : Rp329,251
2018 : Rp313,560

Payments to government

  • Stamp duty
  • Value added tax
  • Property luxury tax
  • Transfer tax (BPHTB)
  • Other taxes
2020 : Rp164,748
2019 : Rp169,454
2018 : Rp97,086

Economic Value Retained

(in Million Rupiah)


Profit of the year

  • Reinvestment in core business
  • Future acquisitions and investments
2020 : Rp68,962
2019 : Rp436,709
2018 : Rp194,107

Total Asset

  • Inventories
  • Investment properties for recurring income
  • Land for development
2020 : Rp11,829,429
2019 : Rp10,954,915
2018 : Rp10,732,860