Our Approach

Our Approach

“As the strong foothold, Intiland upholds five basic values which underlie the main strength of Intiland namely Transparency. Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Care, and Long term growth.”

Intiland establishes sustainability journey to ensure the evolving process will take place effectively and efficiently in the long run. It starts from compliance and risk management steps. For us, this step is very important to set strong foothold upon achieving the long-term goals which are to increase the values of Intiland for our stakeholders.

Intiland focuses on three business areas, property development, property investment, and property management. These three business areas are to be developed through four development portfolios from highrise & mixed-use, landed residential, industrial estates to investment properties.

In order to ensure that the four portfolios will be established well in the market, the Company has Four Pillars of Growth as the strategy: organic growth, opportunistic acquisition, strategic partnership, and capital & investment management.

Sustainability Governance Structure

In organic growth strategy, Intiland strives to increase the value of its existing asset portfolio and development of land bank in order to maximize the Company’s (return on investment) for shareholders.

Stakeholder Engagement

We have identified seven groups of key stakeholders, their roles to Intiland including their key concerns and engagement platforms to the Company.