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    Modern Office Space for Rent to Grow Your Business

    Spazio is the biggest business hub in west part of Surabaya which provide modern office for any purpose. This office space is integrated with other part, especially food court, making the most excellent office space for rent in Surabaya.

    As a business hub, Spazio Surabaya brings modern idea at commercial zone which offer comfy through various facilities. The outdoor area, which located at the ground floor, is useful to hold various events, ranging from exhibition, product launching, gathering, and even live music.

    This modern office is equipped with food court, being a good spot to have a leisure and having break from any activities, while enjoying typical city scenery from any directions. All these facilities made Spazio as the finest office space for rent in Surabaya.

    Modern Office

    Spazio Surabaya provides most convenience amenities as office space for rent nowadays, thanks to cozy facilities that existed. Besides modern office along with different type, there was auditorium that equipped with projector and other supportive tools such as wifi and table.

    The maximum capacity of this auditorium is 120 seats, and adequate enough to hold a gathering as professionally. As the best modern office, Spazio Surabaya provides a meeting room with 10 seats capacity, along with other equipment to deliver a good experience for the tenants and their customers.

    What’s more, office space for rent at Spazio Surabaya gives a chance for all tenants to adjust the space according to its taste and needs. Every tenants also gets privilege to set their active hours differently as they needs. This mechanism can be arranged personally to match with the entire modern office system.

    The most noticeable from Spazio Surabaya could be the design. As its name, Spazio means spacious area, and to give a spacious look, there are natural ventilation, inner court yard, and vast outdoor space to bring different nuance. The overall atmosphere creates comfy workplace to boost performance.

    This modern office equipped with passenger lift, service lift, freight elevator, air conditioner, and other primary needs. There are 24 hours security and CCTV to maintain safety that connect directly to automated computer system. At every floors in Spazio Surabaya there was smoke detector attached firmly completed with fire extinguisher as safety procedure.

    Easy to Access

    There are some reasons why west part of Surabaya is more alive than the other area. For instance, the economic cycle mostly take a place in west part of Surabaya. This idea is adopted by Spazio Surabaya, and Mayjend Yono Soewoyo Street is the right place to provide office space for rent.

    Spazio Surabaya located at front of Pakuwon Indah supermall, a strategic area at west region of Surabaya. It’s very accessible also reachable by any kind of vehicles since Darmo Satelit toll gateway isn’t far away, making this modern office is easy to access related business mobility.

    This gateway connecting Surabaya to Malang, Gresik, Lamongan, and other cities in East Java. Furthermore, the office space for rent at Spazio Surabaya is only 25 minutes away from Juanda Airport. Related to the health care, many hospitals are available in a less of 30 minutes. Among of them are National Hospital, RS Marien, and RS Mitra Keluarga Surabaya.

    Best Food at Affordable Price

    When the sun goes down, it’s only the beginning of another start at Spazio Surabaya. There are hustle and bustle at the bottom of the building, precisely at food court. Spazio is actually office space for rent, but at the ground floor there are many restaurant, bar, and various coffee shop that always crowded.

    Various culinary attractions are offered at affordable price, and it suddenly changes Spazio Surabaya from modern office to a place for hangout at night. It’s very understandable, because the food court at Spazio Surabaya offers great atmosphere for great menu.

    This food court provides various menus, ranging from local cuisine to international dish. Perhaps the most highlighted recently from Spazio is Hungerbelt, which is the famous spot of culinary attractions in this area. At Hungerbelt, 60% are local culinary, and the rest is parted into western and oriental cuisine.

    To make it easier to choose, Hungerbelt is divided into three options, which are promenade, hungerblack, and hungerbar. Each of category has different concept consist of local and urban food. While enjoying the food, customer will be accompanied with live music or other event. Some of favorite restaurants are Il Gelato Di Bruno, Shijima, Out of The Blue, Ahjumma Kitchen, etc. Many of them close at 00.00 am at weekdays, and 02.00 am at weekend.

    As the modern office space for rent, Spazio provides all kind of useful facilities. It’s highly recommended to book one since this modern office Spazio offer lot of opportunities for every business to grow more.