About Us

Intiland is ready to serve Indonesia’s needs by providing residential, office building, retail, industrial estate, and many more. Intiland has developed some iconic buildings, such as Intiland Tower designed by renowned architect Paul Rudolph, as well as the seafront condominium Regatta and the integrated office South Quarter, both which were designed by Tom Wright, the architect of Burj Al Arab. Intiland has also built some prestigious and eco-friendly residential areas in big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya for those who love the comfort of luxury living.

Trust your needs to Intiland. Only with your trust, we can continue to develop your dream property in Indonesia.

Vision and Mission


To provide possibilities of not only living, but living well throughout Indonesia. Living well is living a happy life surrounded by loved ones and good friends in a comfortable and beautiful home in a clean and picturesque environment with excellent facilities.


To be reputed as a transparent, trustworthy, and trendsetting property developer committed to highly sustainable and long-term growth and profitability that deals fairly with all stakeholders.



December 2021
The Company launched a new co-working space at Spazio Tower. SUB Co Spazio Tower is the latest addition to the Company-owned co-working space network.
November 2021
The Company launched Amesta Living, a new project developed in Surabaya. Located in East Surabaya area, Amesta Living is an integrated mixed-use development that encompasses residential units, apartments, commercial space, retail space, and offices.
October 2021
Inaugural opening of Diamond Supermarket as the latest anchor tenant in the Poins shopping center, South Jakarta.
October 2021
The Company launched the ‘Year End Symphony’ special promotion program throughout the months of October to December 2021. This marketing promotion program offered ease and convenience in purchasing the best property products located in any of the 18 projects developed by Intiland in Jakarta, Tangerang, Surabaya, and Mojokerto.
August 2021
Topping off of the Sky Tower, Fifty Seven Promenade, Thamrin, Jakarta
Aug 2019
Intiland Started Construction of SQ Rés Apartment
Aug 2019
Intiland Collaborates with PT MRT Jakarta to Launch Park and Ride South Quarter
Aug 2019
Intiland Launches Two New Clusters at Graha Natura Surabaya
Apr 2019
Intiland Forges Strategic Alliance for the Development of Poins
Mar 2019
Intiland Holds Topping Off Ceremony for The Rosebay Condominium
Feb 2010
Launching of new high rise residential development, 1Park Residences in Jakarta
Apr 2010
Rights Issue of 2,073,170,722 shares valued at Rp2.07 trillion or Rp1,000 per share
Jun 2010
Stock split 1:2 from 5.1 billion share to 10.2 billion share
Jun 2010
Starting development of Graha Natura, Surabaya
Aug 2010
Completion of Whiz Hotel Yogyakarta, the first hotel by PT Intiwhiz International, The Company’s subsidiary
Jan 1998
Completion of Kondominium Kintamani, one of a few projects successfully handed over to customers during the Indonesia financial crisis
Jan 1997
Completion of Intiland Tower Surabaya
Jan 1992
Starting development of the first golf-themed housing estate in Surabaya, Graha Famili, Surabaya
Jan 1991
Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (then Jakarta Stock Exchange), share code: DILD.JK
Jan 1990
Branched into Industrial Estate with the commencement of Ngoro Industrial Park, Mojokerto, East Java
Jan 1989
Commencing development of the first reclaim housing estate in South East Asia, Pantai Mutiara, North Jakarta. Starting development of Taman Semanan Indah, Jakarta
Jan 1986
Completion of Intiland Tower Jakarta
Jan 1983
Group consolidated under the name PT Wisma Dharmala Sakti
Jan 1982
Starting development of Taman Harapan Indah, Jakarta
Jan 1974
Starting first development, Cilandak Garden Housing

Corporate Values

Intiland’s corporate culture accommodates the spirit and work ethics of the Company. Thus, there are 5 important values in the Company’s culture, namely Trustworthy, Respect, Innovative, Caring and Excellence (TRICE).

TRICE is Intiland’s competitive advantage which the Company has nurtured since the beginning. It also always direct the Company’s activities and decisions. This is what distinguishes the Company from its competitors. The principle held by the Company has helped convince the stakeholders of its excellence and earns the Company their continual respect.

T rustworthy
  • A reliable individual possessing integrity, commitment and responsibility
  • Consistency between words and deed
  • Determination to turn against things that lead to conflict of interest
  • Responsibility and reliability
R espect
  • An individual who pays respect to people and the environment
  • Respect shown to all
  • Willingness to listen and appreciate the opinion of others
  • Willingness to be a part of the community and the environment
I nnovative
  • A visionary individual with the courage to employ breakthrough methods in answering challenges
  • Having determination and spirit to continue learning
  • Courage to delve into a new territory
  • Courage to make decisions based on calculated risks
C aring
  • An empathetic individual who cares and serves others with heart
  • Service from the heart for others
  • High initiative to help beyond the call of duty
  • Understanding of the plight and feelings of others
E xcellence
  • An individual who constantly gives the very best, yet still strives to become even better
  • Determination to achieve beyond the target
  • Consistency in improving and aiming higher


Graha Golf, Praxis, and Spazio

Appreciation for Environmental management Compliance

Mayor of Surabaya


Surabaya City Government gave Environmental Management Compliance Awards to three of Intiland’s projects; Graha Golf, Praxis and Spazio for their commitment to fulfill compliance obligations in environmental aspects. The assessment was carried out based on the suitability of the project’s environmental documents with real field conditions.

PT Intiland Development Tbk

Commercial Property Category for Sustainability

TrenAsia ESG Excellence Awards 2022


Intiland won the predicate of “Sustainability” for Commercial Property Category at TrenAsia ESG Excellence 2022 Award. This award was given to Intiland for the Company’s success in implementing environmental, social, and governance aspects in the development of all property projects.


TOD Fair 2022 

Interconnection Category 

PT MRT Jakarta


Mixed-use project development Poins won the Interconnection Category at the 2022 TOD Fair Award organized by PT MRT Jakarta. The award was given to Poins to acknowledge its commitment as a business and lifestyle center that offers easy transportation access and mobility as the core aspect of TOD area.

Fifty Seven Promenade

TOD Fair 2022

Floor Area Ratio Category 

PT MRT Jakarta


High-rise residential development Fifty Seven Promenade at Thamrin, Central Jakarta won the Floor Area Ratio (FAR/KLB) Category at the 2022 TOD Fair Award organized by PT MRT Jakarta. The award was given to the development of Fifty Seven Promenade for its compliance in implementing the FAR regulation based on its zoning.

Amesta Living

Best Rising Star Development

Lamudi.id Property Awards 2021


Modern-minimalist residential development Amesta Living in Surabaya won the Best Rising Star Development Award at the 2021 Lamudi.co.id Property Awards. This victory was achieved as Lamudi.co.id’s appreciation for Amesta Living’s excellence in terms of concept, design, and facilities to enhance long term development plan. 

FIABCI-REI Excellence Awards 2020 – Serenia Hills

Serenia Hills won award and recognition as the best housing in Indonesia. The development of this 26 hectare residential area won Golden Awards – Best Landed Residential Development at the 2020 FIABCI-REI Excellence Awards.

Top CSR Awards 2020 – Top Leader on CSR Commitment 2020 – Hendro S. Gondokusumo

Founder & CEO Intiland Hendro S. Gondokusumo won the Top Leader on CSR Commitment 2020 at the Top CSR Awards 2020 held by Top Business magazine, Komite Nasional Kebijakan Governance, and CSR Society in Jakarta, July 2020. This award is an appreciation for company’s leaders who are dedicated in contributing to positive social change.

Top CSR Awards 2020 – Top CSR Awards Star 3 – Intiland

Intiland won the Top CSR Awards Star 3 at the Top CSR Awards 2020 held by Top Business magazine, Komite Nasional Kebijakan Governance, and CSR Society in Jakarta, July 2020. This award is an appreciation for Intiland’s commitment in running a good and sustainable CSR program.

PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards 2019 – Best Developer – Intiland

Intiland won the Best Developer award at the Indonesia Property Awards 2019 held by PropertyGuru, September 2019. The award as the Best Developer was the second time the company has received. Previously, Intiland also won the same award at the 2016 Indonesia Property Awards.

PropertyGuru Indonesia Property Awards 2019 – Best High-End Condo Development (Jakarta) – SQ Rés

Intiland’s SQ Rés Apartment received the Best High-End Condo Development award at the Indonesia Property Awards 2019 held by PropertyGuru, September 2019. SQ Rés Apartment is the company’s latest development and is part of the South Quarter integrated office area in TB Simatupang, South Jakarta.

Beranda Magazine Silver Awards Davey Gold Awards 2018

Beranda is a customized magazine as our customer loyalty program, received Silver Awards from Davey Gold Awards 2017 which held at United States. All the judges agreed to gave an appreciation for its design & creative content, and unique concept.

Serenia Hills The Country Winner-Best Housing/Landed Development (Indonesia) The 2018 Asia Property Awards PropertyGuru
Serenia Hills by PT Intiland Development Tbk won the Country Winner-Best Housing / Landed Development Awards (Indonesia) award at The 2018 Asia Property Awards held in Bangkok, Thailand on November 2018. The Asia Property Awards was held by PropertyGuru as a form of appreciation for the masterpiece properties and rated high quality in Asia.
Serenia Hills The 2018 Best High-End Housing Development (Jakarta) Indonesia Property Awards 2018 PropertyGuru

Serenia Hills by PT Intiland Development Tbk received The 2018 Best High-End Housing Development (Jakarta) award at the 2018 Indonesia Property Awards held by PropertyGuru on September 2018. The 2018 Indonesia Property Awards aimed to appreciate the national property industry involving a number of developer companies, projects, and the best architectural design.

Serenia Hills The 2018 Best Housing Development (Indonesia) Indonesia Property Awards 2018 PropertyGuru
Serenia Hills The 2018 Best Housing Development (Indonesia) The 2018 Indonesia Property Awards – PropertyGuru One of the company’s developments, Serenia Hills, won in Indonesia Property Awards 2018 for the category of The 2018 Best Housing Development (Indonesia). The event was held by PropertyGuru on September 2018 in Jakarta. Award winners were selected based on research and juries decision consisting of experts in property and architecture.
Intiland Mitra Pengembang Properti Nasional Terbaik BTN Property Awards 2018
PT Intiland Development Tbk took home Mitra Pengembang Properti Nasional Terbaik award at BTN Property Awards 2018. The award was held by PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk on Agustus 2018 in Jakarta. Intiland won the award following the company’s accomplishments in developing innovative property projects.
Intiland Top 10 Developers BCI Asia Awards

BCI Asia held again the BCI Asia Awards event in 2018. This award is a form of appreciation of BCI Asia to developers who develop large-scale projects and to architects with the best works. Intiland was awarded as Top 10 Developer in the event held on April 17, 2018.

Intiland Best Developer Indonesia 2016 Indonesia Property Awards

Intiland won the award as the Indonesia’s Best Property Developer at Indonesia Property Awards 2016. The most prestigious award complements the other six awards in other categories the Company has achieved through its projects. South Quarter won the award as Best Commercial Development (Indonesia), Best Office Development, and Best Office Architectural Design. Serenia Hills won the award as Best Housing Development (Indonesia) and Best Housing Development (Jakarta Area). Other project, The Hamilton, a part of 1Park Avenue condominium development received Highly Commended award for the category of Luxury Condo Development. The event of Indonesia Property Awards was organized by Property Guru on October 13, 2016 in Jakarta.

South Quarter Best Office Architectural Design South East Asia Property Awards 2016

South Quarter received an award as South East Asia’s Best Office Architectural Design at South East Asia Property Awards (SEAPA) 2016. The awards concludes the achievement of South Quarter with three awards, namely Best Office Architectural Design Indonesia, Best Commercial Development, and Best Office Development at Indonesia Property Awards 2016. The architecture design of South Quarter is the work of Tom Wright from WKK Architects. he designed the project whilst working with Atkins, a design, architecture, and engineering consultant

Intiland 50 Best Public Companies Forbes Indonesia Awards 2016

22 received an award as one of the 50 best Indonesian public companies at Best of The Best Awards 2016 event. This appreciation was conferred on Intiland by Forbes Indonesiamagazine in August 2016. The award is the fourth that the company has received; the other three were consecutively achieved in 2014, 2015 and 2016. This achievement took Intiland to win Trifecta Awards at the accolade held this year. The award was bestowed on the company based on the assessment and research on the company’s last three years’ performance. 

Graha Natura & Praxis Best Development Indocement Awards 2016

Two of Intiland’s development projects in Surabaya: Graha Natura and Praxis, took home Indocement Awards 2016. Graha Natura was awarded The Best Medium Scale Real Estate Development, while Praxis won The Best High Class Apartment Development. This year’s Indocement Awards is the second that Graha Natura has achieved. In 2014, Graha Natura won the coveted award, Best Development in East Java. Indocement Awards is considered the highest award to be conferred upon developers, architects, contractors, and individuals deemed having contributed greatly to the advancement of construction and development sector in Indonesia. 

Intiland Excellent Achievement Indonesia Best Corporate Transformation (IBCT)

Intiland achieved an award from Indonesia Best Corporate Transformation (IBCT) 2012 with the predicate ‘Excellent Achievement’.  The award winning is deemed to result from the success in transforming the company. SWA Magazine, in corporation with the strategic change-consulting firm Win Solution, held this official accolade on Tuesday, December 19, 2012 at Shangri-La Hotel in Jakarta.

IBCT awards are bestowed upon companies that have done a good business transformation. The assessment was processed into two stages of judging. The first stage is merely based on the paper submission of each company. The second stage considers the appraisal that is based on the presentation before the panel judges. As many as 15 companies of both government and private institutions from various segments, from banking and non-banking to consumer goods took part at this award ceremony.

Graha Natura Property Project – Housing Estate Properti Indonesia Award 2013

The strengths of the concept and infrastructure that blend aspects of technology, nature and health took Graha Natura to win an award in the category of Property Project – Housing Estate at Properti Indonesia Award 2013.

This accolade was held on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta. Representing Intiland’s management, Suhendro Prabowo as the company’s Vice President received the Property Project – Housing Estate trophy.

Properti Indonesia Award 2013 is a prestigious accolade held by Majalah Properti Indonesia that confers special appreciation on real works, achievements, as well as property business’ and industry players’ reputation

Regatta Best Design Apartment Indonesia Design Best Design Award 2013

Regatta Apartment achieved an award as the best design apartment at Indonesia Design Award 2013 in Bali on October 26, 2013. The event was held by Indonesia Design magazine as a means of giving appreciation to properties with the best designs that give benefits.

Regatta Best Condominium in Indonesia South East Asia Property Award 2013

Regatta received a highly commended best condominium in Indonesia at the South East Asia Property Awards 2013. The award giving ceremony was held at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore on October 30, 2013. The award is the second that Regatta has received; the first one was in 2011.

Graha Natura housing and Serenia Hills Favourite Residential 2013 Housing Estate Green Property Award 2013

Graha Natura housing, Surabaya; and Serenia Hills, Lebak Bulus, Jakarta received awards at Housing Estate Green Property Award 2013 held on December 3, 2013 at Santika Hotel, Jakarta. Graha Natura received Green Infrastructure & Green Open Space for Morning Glory cluster. The award achievement was seen from the housing development that has fulfilled eight criteria of being environmental friendly housing.

Serenia Hills received an award as Favorite Residential 2013 for the category of Middle Up scaled under 100 ha in Jakarta area with highest sales record.

Regatta FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Awards 2010 Bali Congress Award Regatta Apartment

Regatta, Intiland’s iconic project in north Jakarta, won the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence, Bali Congress Award 2010. The inauguration was held at Westin Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali in May 2010. The FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award recognizes the project that best embodies excellence in all the real estate disciplines involved in its creation.

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