Jakarta (09/23) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) through one of its subsidiaries which is developing the Aeropolis integrated area is collaborating with PT Mediapura Digital Nusantara (Mediapura) for the rental and management of apartment units in Aeropolis, located near the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Soeta), in Tangerang, Banten.

This collaboration was marked by the signing of a memorandum of cooperation by the management of both companies. Totonafo Lase, Director of Aeropolis Project, represented the Company, while Leo Ferdinand Rahadian, chief executive officer of Mediapura, acted as his counterpart. The signing was done in Aeropolis, Tangerang, Banten, on Monday (23/9/2019).

Totonafo Lase stated that the signing of the memorandum officially brought in Mediapura with its trade name, “The Aparian”, into Aeropolis area. This is a mutually beneficial agreement for both parties that offers an alternative for investors or owners of apartment units to have their units managed professionally for rent, as well as an alternative for the public to find apartments for rent in Aeropolis more easily.

“This cooperation marries two distinct yet complementary competencies. We as a property developer focus on the planning and development of an area, while Mediapura has the expertise in managing property and maintaining the marketing network for apartment rental,” said Totonafo Lase after the signing of the memorandum.

Aeropolis is one of the integrated development areas built on a 105-hectare land. Located only about 500 meters from the airport, Aeropolis has been rapidly developing as an area that is not only convenient to live in, but also offers a variety of business facilities, such as offices, commercial zone, warehousing, and a modern lifestyle center.

The collaboration with Mediapura is believed to bring more value to Aeropolis as an integrated area developed near to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang. Not only has it grown to be very popular already, Aeropolis is designed to become a Vibrant, Liveable, and Viable area.

On the same occasion, Leo Ferdinand expressed his pride and enthusiasm that Mediapura was able to clinch a cooperation agreement with Aeropolis. Through the network and online rental application system of The Aparian, supported by the technology from Realta Chakradarma, Mediapura is ready to offer the best solutions for owners and investors of apartment units that wish to maximize their income potential from renting out their aparment units in Aeropolis. Realta, a Premium Partner of Microsoft, is a leading developer of a hospitality software called Rhapsody. It is also a charter member of the Aliansi Strategis (Alistra) Mediapura.

“This collaboration creates a wonderful opportunity for our company and adds to our portfolio of managed properties significantly, in line with our company’s strategy as it also seeks to become a public company in the near future by listing our shares on the Indonesian capital market,” explained Leo.

Started as a specialist company that once focused on the rental property market, mainly catering to expatriates in Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta) area, Mediapura has now expanded itself to provide various services that focus on the management of apartments and houses for rent on a daily basis. One of Mediapura’s service divisions provides custom furnishings for interior design. It has teamed up with Polytron as one of its major partners.

“We believe in Indonesian products, and Polytron is one of the most prominent brands in the country that has been hugely supportive to us in developing our business. We have been using Polytron exclusively in the Aeropolis project,” said Leo.

Through The Aparian’s network, Mediapura offers ease and convenience in renting apartment units, powered by the technology provided by Realta in the form of a Property Management System (PMS) called Rhapsody. Rhapsody has been well proven and is now in use in more than 80% of the leading hotel brands in Indonesia as well as in various countries in Asia, rendering Mediapura highly capable of managing and leasing apartment units. Using this system, Mediapura is able to market the properties it manages on hundreds of application platforms for hotel and rental apartments.

“We have our own dedicated marketing, reservation, housekeeping, technical, and readiness maintenance teams to support our operations. Since the beginning of our operations in 2012, we have now more than 2,000 apartments and houses for daily rent in our portfolio, spread out in more than 80 locations in Jakarta and the surrounding areas. Technology is key to our operational smoothness,” explained Leo.

At the early stage of the collaboration, Intiland is providing more than 50 apartment units in Aeropolis to be managed and rented out by Mediapura. Going forward, the number of units will be increased gradually, in keeping with the development and demand of the market.

Totonafo Lase explained that from this collaboration Mediapura will offer two types of Aeropolis apartments: twin bedroom and double bedroom. The two alternatives add value to the potential customers as they can find a type that suit their needs.

“We are optimistic that this will take off. Lately the market demand for rented apartments in Aeropolis has been rapidly growing. Currently there is a substantial need not only for daily, but also for weekly and even monthly rental,” stated Totonafo Lase.

Totonafo Lase explained that collaboration with providers of apartment rental and management services is a strategy of the Company to deliver the best level of service in Aeropolis. In addition to Mediapura, the Company has also joined forces with a number of other apartment rental and property management vendors.

“Currently we have an agreement with about five companies. So investors and owners of apartment units have ample choice in their hands. Each company has their own advantages and added value, and their rental market potential is also distinct. Such a collaboration benefits the investors and owners of apartment units in Aeropolis, as they can now boost their investment value as well as receive passive income from their apartments,” he explained further.

As an integrated development project, Aeropolis is designed to be an airport city that is equipped with various facilities, such as residential area, offices, hotels, commercial and retail zone, warehousing, to a modern lifestyle service area. Aeropolis also provides various facilities for people to live and work in, such as restaurants, shuttle buses, minimarkets, sports clubs, playgrounds, swimming pools, and many others.***