Jakarta (15/08) Today a signing of a collaboration agreement was done between PT MRT Jakarta and PT Intiland Development Tbk to develop Park and Ride, a specially designed parking facility for MRT Jakarta users, located at the integrated business district of South Quarter, South Jakarta. The signing was done at South Quarter by President Director of PT MRT Jakarta, William Sabandar, and Business Development Director of PT Intiland Development Tbk, Permadi Indra Yoga, as well as Director of PT Putra Sinar Permaja, B. Chandra Maulana Makmoen.

This collaboration was marked by the inauguration and initial operation of the Park & Ride facility by the officials from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and PT MRT Jakarta, Management of Intiland, and PT Transportasi Jakarta.

PT MRT Jakarta and the Management of Intiland believed that the Park and Ride facility will help the public find a nearby parking space next to MRT Jakarta’s stations. The availability of Park and Ride South Quarter brings benefits to the public, especially the office workers around the Lebak Bulus area, who use the MRT Jakarta facility from the Lebak Bulus Grab and the Fatmawati MRT Stations in South Jakarta.

The Business Development Director of Intiland, Permadi Indra Yoga, warmly welcomed this collaboration, which makes up part of a range of mutual cooperation agreements with MRT Jakarta, and also a proof of commitment of both parties to boost public awareness in using public transportation. Matters of convenience and security remain important considerations for the public as they are considering to migrate from their own means of transportation to using public transportation, and such matters also include the ease of finding a parking space.

“This facility also shows our commitment to make it convenient for the public to use the public transport on a daily basis. This is also supporting the social movement to gradually reduce pollution levels in Jakarta,” said Yoga.

“Along the Lebak Bulus – Bundaran HI corridor, we have at least two park and ride points. One is located in Lebak Bulus and one in South Quarter. We hope that with the park and ride facility in place, more and more people may migrate from using their own means of transportation to using public transportation such as MRT and Transjakarta,” stated the President Director of PT MRT Jakarta, William Sabandar. “Using public transportation on a daily basis helps us contribute to reducing air pollution levels, easing traffic, as well as lowering vehicle emissions. The total overall quality of life for the public will improve,” he said further.

The Park and Ride facility is located in the integrated office zone of South Quarter in South Jakarta. The location is highly strategic owing to its proximity to the TB Simatupang main corridor and between the Fatmawati and Lebak Bulus Grab MRT Stations. The Park and Ride location is only 700 meters away from the Fatmawati MRT Station, and about one kilometer away from Lebak Bulus Grab Station.

The Company has allocated a total of 3,500 square meter land for the Park and Ride area. This will be enough to contain 75 cars and 30 motorbikes and is managed professionally by a well-known national parking management company.

“The availability of a proper parking facility is highly useful for the public in their consideration to start using public transportation, especially MRT Jakarta. This will then become the new urban lifestyle, which will also be safer, faster, and more efficient for their daily activities in Jakarta,” explained Yoga.

In addition to the proper and convenient parking facility, there will also be a TransJakarta bus service to take passengers from the Park and Ride terminal to the nearest MRT station. This service will certainly increase the ease and convenience of those who park their vehicles at the South Quarter Park and Ride area.

Another advantage of the South Quarter Park and Ride area is the special parking rates. In contrast to the generally prevailing parking rates in the city, Park and Ride’s parking rates are far lower, i.e. Rp5,000 per day for cars and Rp2,000 per day for motorbikes. “These special rates are only valid for MRT Jakarta passengers on the day,” said Yoga.

The management of Intiland and MRT Jakarta remain optimistic that the Park and Ride facility will greatly improve the convenience of passengers of MRT Jakarta. This service will also improve quality of life of the public, most notably those who live in the southern region of Jakarta, among others Fatmawati, Cilandak, Lebak Bulus, Cinere and surrounding areas.