Jakarta (07/08) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) continues to expand its property development initiatives in Surabaya, East Java. New expansive measures have been taken to anticipate the growing trends in the property market, as well as the rising demand from the public in Surabaya.


As regards the development of Graha Natura residential area in Surabaya, the Company has successfully launched two new clusters, namely Acacia and Gravillea. Both clusters are located in a strategic location close to commercial area and offer exclusive housing units of various types.


Harto Laksono, Director of Marketing of PT Intiland Grande, one of the Company’s subsidiaries, described that the growth of the property market, in particular demand for landed housing, has been relatively growing at a steady pace. Despite the property market in general having been experiencing some pressures for the past few years, public demand for housing is still substantial.


“Out of the four segments of Intiland’s property development in Surabaya, housing is still one of the segments with the most promising growth. The development of Graha Natura residential area is one of our key projects in Surabaya, and we will continue to develop this into an integrated residential area,” said Harto Laksono.  


Graha Natura is a residential area encompassing 86 hectares. Located in the west of Surabaya, this residential area has become one of the most highly sought after and prestigious residential areas for those who live in its surroundings.


In accordance with the development plan, Graha Natura area comes with a range of residential and commercial clusters, and it is well equipped with various amenities and supporting facilities. This area also boasts a green surrounding landscape, thus creating an atmosphere of comfort for all the residents.


The two newly developed clusters, according to Harto Laksono, have their own uniqueness and advantages. Both are offering housing units that are superior in terms of facilities, environment, and accessibility.


In terms of location, the Acacia cluster is situated near a fully-fledged commercial area namely SOHO 1 and 2, both already operating. The cluster also has a wide boulevard access road, thus it is easy to reach also owing to its placement at the front section of the greater residential area.


Developed on a 1.5-hectare land, the Acacia cluster contains 46 housing units, divided into seven types, with areas ranging from 90 m2 to 140 m2, with building area starting from 74 m2 and all the way up to 131 m2. Each unit in the Acacia cluster is priced at Rp1.7 billion and up.


“Currently this cluster is under the construction phase, with the handover is targeted for 2020. Currently we have been able to market about 30 percent of the units,” explained him further.


The development of Gravillea, the other new cluster, also comes with advantages in terms of location and facilities. Located on a 1.7-hectare piece of land, this cluster is set near a lake that will become one of the main activity centers inside Graha Natura.


The Gravillea cluster is offered on a more exclusive term, as it contains only 48 two-storey housing units, divided into four types. The smallest housing type has a total land area of 160 m2 and building area of 173 m2. The largest type, meanwhile, has a total land area of 250 m2 and building area of 245 m2.


“Houses in the Gravillea cluster are relatively larger and more exclusive, with some of them featuring even a swimming pool. These houses are being offered at a starting price of Rp3.5 billion, all the way up to Rp5.4 billion for the largest of them. This cluster is highly sought after by potential buyers and we have sold more than 60 percent of the units,” stated Harto Laksono.


Currently, the Company has set aside a number of show units for the Gravillea cluster. In these show units potential buyers can immediately see the advantages in terms of design and feel of the interior, as well as the comfort in living in the house type of their choice. Handover for the houses in Gravillea is planned to take place in two phases, i.e. mid- and end of 2020.


According to Harto Laksono, the development of Graha Natura has been envisioned from the start to highlight its advantages in terms of health, technology, and nature. These three elements have become the essential characteristics of Graha Natura, giving the area its prestige in the public eye.


Having been developed since 2012, Graha Natura has become one of the most highly sought after residential areas in the western part of Surabaya nowadays. This residential area, encompassing about 86 hectares of land, has received numerous awards from various institutions as a comfortable and ideal residential area with a highly promising development concept.


“We seek to create an ideal area for living, which not only will give added comfort to those who live here, but also to provide additional value in terms of health, technology, and of course nature,” said Harto Laksono.


New Facilities


In line with the area development plan, currently the Company is completing the construction of a Club House located in the front part of the area. Called the Natura Club House, it is built on a 2,600 m2 land with a total building area of 6,500 m2.


“This club house will have three floors and one rooftop area, alongside a basement parking lot. We hope that this club house will start operating in the beginning of next year,” said Harto Laksono.


Natura Club House will feature numerous sports facilities and a gym. Its ground floor will have restaurants and a semi-indoor swimming pool with a length half of that of an Olympic-size pool. The swimming pool will also have a jacuzzi and kids’ pool.


In addition to the Club House, Graha Natura will also be equipped with a green zone and an artificial lake. At a location right at the heart of the area, a jogging track will be built, along with a food and beverage zone and a playground, for use by all residents of Graha Natura.


Harto Laksono also stated that the artificial lake has been completely constructed. The Company is now finishing the landscaping of the area, in addition to building the supporting facilities.


“It is our hope that the club house and the lake area become a place for gathering, doing activities together, and also socializing for all residents of Graha Natura,” explained Harto Laksono at the media update of the Graha Natura Surabaya project.***