Jakarta (30/05) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) has successfully marketed DUO, a new development concept in the residential area of ​​Talaga Bestari, Tangerang, Banten. This 6.5-hectare residential area has been received with great enthusiasm by the market since its launching in February 2021. Until the end of May 2021, DUO has managed to record a marketing sales value of Rp70 billion within 4 months, more than 50% of DUO’s initial sales target for 2021 of Rp126 billion.

Permadi Indra Yoga, Intiland’s Director of Business Development, expressed his appreciation to customers who have purchased the units at DUO. According to him, key to the success of DUO’s sales is DUO’s meticulously-planned area development concept and good product quality, which meets the criteria for modern, innovative, and affordable housing.

The launch of DUO is a strategic step for the Company to capture the consumer market niche that requires modern, high-quality, and affordable housing. DUO comes with a range of advantages in terms of concept, ease of accessibility, comfort, a good home design, along with affordable prices, especially for young families.

Based on the sales data, houses with compact designs are favored by the market. Most consumers choose houses with a width of 5 meters and a length of 10 meters or 12.5 meters. Apart from having a comfortable building design, this type of two-story house with roof deck is relatively affordable, selling from Rp750 million per unit upwards. Apart from its affordability, the convenience of payment methods offered by banks also makes it easier for consumers to procure a three-story modern residence with three bedrooms and a spacious living room.

Permadi Indra Yoga explained that the primary profiles of DUO buyers are mostly young families or first homeowners aged 25-40 years. DUO buyers are not only domiciled in Tangerang, but also in Jakarta, Serang, Bekasi, and even Bandung. Most of them are professionals or business owners around the Tangerang area.

“This achievement shows that our target market has matched our offering. Most of them are professionals and young families, first home buyers, and from the middle-class segment. This group has relatively high economic capacity and purchasing power and has some preferences about their ideal housing according to their needs,” he said further.

Talaga Bestari New Development

The launch of DUO is part of the development of a new concept for the Talaga Bestari housing phase 2, covering an area of ​​80 hectares, which is being carried out in stages. The Company has prepared a master plan for its long-term development in line with the rapid development of the Tangerang area. For the development of DUO, the Company collaborates with PT Quanta Land Indonesia (Quanta Land) as its development and marketing consultant.

The Talaga Bestari development offers excellent prospects in the future. Along with the completion of the construction of a number of important infrastructure, such as the East Balaraja Toll Gate and the operation of the Balaraja Timur and Serpong – Cikunir, Tangerang Interchange, which will improve the connectivity and accessibility of the residents from Serpong to Merak or Jakarta so that it will increase the value of this area in the long term.

“To anticipate the rising demand, we are currently preparing a 5-hectare retail area to build supermarkets, food & beverage zone, sports facilities, and an open-air street mall,” explained Permadi Indra Yoga. A business park complex covering an area of ​​1.5 hectares will also complement the facilities at Talaga Bestari. “For DUO’s own facilities, we will develop a club house with a semi-outdoor concept that can accommodate the needs of comfortable work from home among DUO residents. A new concept of co-working space will be designed to support sports activities as well,” added Permadi Indra Yoga.

All housing types in DUO are designed to provide multiple benefits, such as two facades, two parking lots, two gardens, and many other multiple advantages. Designed in a modern, elegant and minimalist style architecture, all types of DUO houses take full advantage of the spatial functions. These houses are equipped with large windows at the front and rear to deliver optimal natural lighting and air circulation.

DUO is designed for young couples and millennials aiming to own a “luxurious” residence at an affordable price. The affordability factor is an important factor because the Company wants to provide opportunities for young families to own a house that is good and properly serving their needs.

Although DUO’s main target is young families, from the design side, each house unit pays attention to the needs of the elderly by having a bedroom on the ground floor, making it easy for them to carry out their daily activities. Another breakthrough is the integrated design of the building and its environment, which provides a linear garden that is ideal for children’s play area.

To meet the needs and boost the comfort of its residents, DUO provides various facilities and many green open areas as communal areas for various functions. Apart from the central park, there are also various facilities for them to do their hobbies and to socialize. These include a private clubhouse, fitness center, 3-on-3 basketball court, children’s playground, BBQ area, jogging track, sunken garden, and outdoor gym.

Due to the high interest of potential consumers in DUO units, the Company offers a number of convenient programs that will benefit buyers. These programs include long-term installments, 0% down payment, installments starting from Rp4 million, mortgage programs with low interest from many leading banks, and various special direct prizes.***