Surabaya (14/01) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) continues to expand its business in Surabaya, East Java. In addition to launching new projects, the Company also continues to develop ongoing projects, particularly in the residential area segment.

In this segment, the Company relies on sales from developing the Graha Natura residential area. In this 86-hectare residential area, the Company launched its latest development, the Acacia cluster, in August last year.

Occupying a development area of 1.5 hectares, Acacia cluster offers numerous advantages, in terms of design, environment, and supporting facilities. The housing units that are built there are also superior in terms of design, environment, and facilities provided.

Harto Laksono, Marketing Director of PT Intiland Grande, a subsidiary of the Company for property development in Surabaya, acknowledged that the property market’s condition has been heavily under pressure of late. A similar picture is also seen in the property market in Surabaya, which experienced a downward trend in demand and sales.

Nevertheless, he said, sales of residential products, especially landed houses, are still relatively more stable compared to other property development segments. This condition is reflected in the Company’s sales performance in Surabaya, more than half of which came from the sale of landed houses.

“We see a potential for market growth in that direction. Current demand trend remains dominated by the need for landed houses which are more compact in size. These certainly are suitable for young families,” Harto Laksono said.

The Company developed Acacia cluster in a one-gate residential system concept, thus creating a private and exclusive feel. The number of units marketed is also relatively limited, with only 62 two-storey houses.

As alternatives for potential consumers, the Company provides seven different choices—Valerian, Lilac, Freesia, Amarylis, Verbena, Lily, and Orchid types. Houses in this cluster have a land area ranging from 71 to 192 square meters and a building area ranging from 70 to 150 square meters. They are marketed with prices starting from Rp1.6 billion.

“Currently, we are constructing the foundational structure of the houses in this cluster. We aim to start the handover at the end of this year. Since its launching, we have marketed around 50 percent of the available units,” he added.

The Best Homes

Anticipating rising public demand, the Company has a show house in Acacia cluster. This show house, from the Lilac type, is 6m to 18m, and showcase to prospective buyers the excellence and comfort of living in such a desirable home.

This two-storey compact housing unit has an excellent and beautiful building design. The design combines the family room and dining room, making the houses in Acacia cluster feel spacious and airy. The building’s width is available in two choices: six meters and eight meters, lending the house an air of beauty and spaciousness.

Housing units in Acacia cluster apply a modern tropical design that provides optimum natural lighting and ventilation. Some types also offer other advantages, such as the master bedroom being on the lower floor, providing comfort and ease of access to its residents.

“The show house that we have prepared is the bestselling type, the Lilac. Later, we will add two more show houses with different types. With this show house, potential buyers can directly experience the comfort and excellence of ist interior and the environment it is presented in,” he further said.

According to Harto Laksono, Acacia cluster offers a range of uniqueness and excellence. Occupying an area on the front section of the bigger residential area, this cluster’s location is strategic and close to various housing facilities. In a fairly close distance to the location of this cluster are commercial SOHO areas that have been in operation, and a club house slated to open in the near future.

Another advantage of Acacia cluster lies in its being managed by a professional property management, which will assist residents in managing the cluster’s environment. This cluster is further equipped with a 24-hour integrated security system, enhancing the comfort and safety of its residents.

Developed since 2012, Graha Natura is one of the most favored residential areas in West Surabaya area today. Grounded on three main concepts—healthy living, nature, and technology—Graha Natura offers an excellent added value to an ideal residential area, aligned with the needs of the modern society.

In terms of location and accessibility, Graha Natura is well positioned. It is but 10 minutes away from West Surabaya CBD and 20 minutes away from the Satelit toll gate. This area has easy access to various shopping centers, offices, and entertainment centers.

Harto explained that to create a healthy and beautiful environment, the Company has collaborated with several institutions for consultative and technical support regarding conservation and biodiversity initiatives in Graha Natura. The Company has launched a trees-and-plants conservation program, and planted at least 10,000 trees from 1,000 species of trees found in the archipelago.

Graha Natura also provides a 1.2-hectare open space at the heart of the residential area. The area includes an artificial lake, jogging track, F&B zone, playground, and a space for organizing activities, perfect for use as communal area by the residents.

Thanks to its well-thought-out development concept with respect to the environment, design, and technology utilization, this residential area has won various national awards. Those awards are a form of appreciation and recognition of Graha Natura as a comfortable and ideal residential area with a sterling development concept. ***