Surabaya (22/09) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) begins the process of handing over the residential units in The Rosebay to the customers. The handover process is carried out in stages along with the completion of the construction of the residential project, located in the prestigious Graha Famili residential area, Surabaya.


Harto Laksono, Marketing Director of PT Intiland Grande, the Company’s subsidiary engaged in property development in Surabaya, expressed his appreciation to customers for their trust shown by purchasing units in The Rosebay. He said that there were 170 residential units that had been handed over to their buyers. These units consisted of several housing types spread over five blocks: A, B, F, G, and H.


“Up to this September, we have handed over 60 percent of the total units sold. The rest will be handed over gradually until the end of this year,” said he.


Most of the units that have been handed over so far are in the fitting-out interior work stages currently done by their respective owners. There are a number of The Rosebay units that have finished the fitting-out process and are already occupied by their owners. They are living and enjoying the utter comfort of The Rosebay, which comes with first-class facilities such as a swimming pool, a gym, a jogging track, and vehicle parking area on the basement floor.


The Rosebay is the latest property development project of the Company’s within the prestigious Graha Famili area in Surabaya. Occupying one hectare of land, this low-rise residential complex features seven blocks with varying building heights, from four to eight floors. Offering many advantages in terms of concepts and facilities, The Rosebay offers residents with low density housing and beautiful vistas of the surroundings.


Harto Laksono explained that the market’s interest in The Rosebay has been remarkably high, and currently it has sold around 75 percent of its units. This high demand from the market is attributable to the range of advantages offered by this residence.


First, The Rosebay is very strategically located in an exclusive and fast-growing elite residential area. Second, this residence offers greater comfort and higher level of privacy for its residents. Third, the development concept and design is first-rate, both architecturally end environmentally.


“The Rosebay is the best choice for those who want to live in a low-density apartment complex. Besides, the units are more spacious and have a private feel, so residents can feel more comfortable and flexible in enjoying the facilities,” he noted.


He believed that the low-density types of housing like The Rosebay can be maximally utilized, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The current trend among customers is to use their residential units as a second home or transit home. The customers, who are mostly young people, of course, have a lot of activities outside the home while they can live separately from their parents. For those who stay together with their parents, they can, after doing their activities outside the home, stop by their ‘second home’ in The Rosebay first before returning to the main house. That way, they can better protect their family’s health and wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially if they have parents aged 60 years and over, and toddlers.


The Rosebay offers two- and three-bedroom housing types. It also boasts a direct panoramic view of the spacious and beautiful golf course, swimming pool, and the green and refreshingly beautiful environment of Graha Famili.


The two-bedroom Deluxe type with a unit area of ​​79 square meters is one of the favorite choices among customers. Apart from offering an ample number of bedrooms for the young couple market segment, this type of unit is spacious and can still be maximally utilized.


Harto Laksono explained that along with the completion of the construction work on The Rosebay, the Company will focus on marketing the remaining units. This is in line with the increasing trend of property purchases by end users.


“The majority of The Rosebay’s customers are in the end user category. They will occupy the units and recently the demand for it has skyrocketed. This is a momentum for us to market the units that are ready to be lived in,” added Harto Laksono.


Special Promotional Program

Anticipating the market demand, the Company is preparing a special promotional program which will take place from October to December this year. This program offers many conveniences for potential consumers, in terms of products, pricing, payment methods, and other facilities.


Especially for The Rosebay, the Company currently provides a number of facilities and purchasing offers to prospective buyers. One of them is collaborating with various banks to provide the best Apartment Ownership Loan (KPA) financing with as low as 4.5% fixed interest for three years.


The Company also launched two new show units located on site, namely the two-bedroom Standard type with an area of ​​75 square meters and the two-bedroom Deluxe type with an area of 79 square meters. The two units, which come with an excellent interior arrangement, can also be purchased by buyers, complete with their furnishings.


These two show units have been designed exclusively with the best interior decoration concept that presents a comfortable and luxurious residential setting. The Company works with interior design firm Endramukti Design to create the interior of these show units.


Hidajat Wardhana Endramukti, founder of Endramukti Design, stated that these two show units had been exquisitely arranged with a ‘modern casual’ theme. This theme was chosen as it was considered perfectly suited to the units’ types, which have a relatively compact area. The selection of light hues on the wall panels and furniture creates an atmosphere and impression of comfort and spaciousness for the residents.


“This modern casual theme fits the profile of The Rosebay’s predominant residents, namely young couples. The second bedroom, which can also function as a work space, supports them to stay active and productive even at home,” he added.


Developed as a multi-storey residence of medium building height, The Rosebay applies a ‘green building’ design, which is translated into the entire aspects of design and architecture such as building facades, drop-off areas, lobbies, and corridors on every floor. The concept of an open corridor is also present on each floor, in order to maximize natural lighting and ventilation. This becomes the differentiating element alongside the application of the healthy living concept, two advantages of this vertical housing.


The Rosebay’s location is strategic, close to commercial areas, educational facilities, shopping centers, sports facilities, and offices. This residence is also equipped with a wide range of exclusive facilities, including a swimming pool, a gym, a jogging track, parking areas, voice communication system, and a 24-hour security system.


Harto Laksono revealed that besides the highly comfortable residential unit, customers of The Rosebay also obtain potential profits from their investment. The units’ prices to date have increased by up to 40 percent since their launching.


“We always strive to deliver added value to our customers, who have chosen to invest in our products. We fulfill this commitment not only by providing the best and most comfortable housing products, but also by providing a reasonable profit potential,” he said further.


Harto Laksono remains optimistic that the property market’s prospects in Surabaya remain slated for rapid growth. As the second largest city in Indonesia and the center of the economy and business for the eastern part of Indonesia, Surabaya’s property market continues to experience a positive growth, in line with the region’s economic and infrastructure growth.


Currently, the Company has a variety of superior products being developed in Surabaya, ranging from residential areas, offices, apartments, industrial, commercial and retail areas, to management of golf courses and sports facilities. For the latest development of landed houses, the Company is developing the latest Dandelion cluster within Graha Natura integrated residential area in West Surabaya. The cluster, which consists of 63 housing units boasting a healthy lifestyle concept, has been well received by the market, with 70 percent of the units having been sold, and the remaining expected to be sold out by the end of this year.