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Intiland Commenced Development of Amesta Living Integrated Area in Surabaya

Surabaya (11/07) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) has commenced the development of the Amesta Living integrated area located in Surabaya, East Java. The start of the development of Amesta Living marks the Company’s next step after successfully launching and marketing various residential products up to the end of 2021.

Amesta Living is an integrated mixed-use area development project developed by PT Graha Abdael Sukses (GAS), a joint venture between Intiland and PT Abdael Nusa. With a development plan encompassing up to 60 hectares, Amesta Living is designed as an integrated area that provides a variety of property needs, ranging from residential units such as landed houses, apartments, retail, to commercial, SOHO, offices, and lifestyle malls.

Hans Wibisono, President Director of GAS, explained that the development of Amesta Living area is being carried out in several stages. Phase I development includes the construction of regional infrastructure, roads, waterways, water promenade, public facilities, show houses, marketing offices, as well as housing units that have been marketed.

Hans explained that the development process for the Amesta Living area began in the second quarter of this year. On top of regional infrastructure development, the Company is currently building 280 housing units, all of which have been sold in the first phase of the sale.

“We will build housing units in stages, and currently 90 units have been developed. Our commitment is to complete and deliver them on time as an appreciation for the trust of consumers,” said Hans further.

The stages of construction of housing units are projected to be complete in the third quarter of next year. The Company aims to hand over the units to customers in stages, starting in the third quarter of 2023.

Up to the middle of this year, the Company had also completed the construction of a marketing office to help the public know more about the development of Amesta Living area. The Company also successfully completed the development of certain public facilities, such as an amphitheater, to serve the needs of the residents.

Another effort is the provision of several essential facilities to give a sense of comfort and security to the residents. One of them involves applying an integrated security system consisting of a single gate system, CCTV cameras, and more.

“We want residents to feel comfortable and safe from the moment they move into and live in Amesta Living. We have carefully considered everything in detail, starting from aspects of comfort, security, to the readiness of other supporting facilities,” explained Hans Wibisono.

As a new integrated area development project, Amesta Living has received an excellent response from the community. Its advantages, in terms of concept, design, facilities, to long-term development plan, are considered to meet the community’s needs for an ideal residential area.

Appreciation from the market was clearly evident during the launch, with 259 housing units successfully marketed in one day. Currently, Amesta Living’s sales have reached 280 housing units of various types, with a sales value of around Rp350 billion.

Harto Laksono, Intiland’s Marketing Director for Surabaya, explained that the sales results of Amesta Living give a positive signal for the growth of the property sector, especially in Surabaya. The public’s confidence and interest in buying property has begun to gradually recover, including the trend of investment in property products, especially the housing segment.

The sales figure was an extraordinary achievement, considering the Covid-19 pandemic. This was partly the reason why Amesta Living was deemed one of the Best New Project Developments after winning the “Best Rising Development” – Non Jabodetabek Area award at the Lamudi Property Awards event held by on 24 June 2022.

“We believe the property market is gradually recovering and improving. Many people have inquired about new development plans, particularly for residential and commercial products. Right now is the best momentum for customers and developers to launch innovative products that meet the market needs,” claimed Harto Laksono.


Advantages in Concept and Location

The Company considers that one of the advantages of Amesta Living that makes it a successful development is its highly strategic location. Amesta Living is strategically situated in East Surabaya, right at the Zero Kilometer of the Outer East Ring Road (OERR).

The area location is easily reachable from Juanda International Airport and from central business district of Surabaya. The development of Amesta Living is also a strategic step for the Company to test the market niche in the East Surabaya, which has been steeply growing in recent years.

Another key to success is the innovative design for Amesta Living’s residential units, which boast the concept of “Japandi” (Japanese–Scandinavian). The application of this innovative design combined with the selection of a compact house size has proven to be appropriate in responding to the lifestyle trends of modern society.

The Terra house type is the favorite choice in the market, with a land area ranging from 60 m2 to 90 m2. This 75 m2 two-story house comes equipped with two to three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport. In addition, other types are also available, i.e., Nora with a land area of 40 m2 and a building of 53m2, and Sora with two choices of land area of 60 m2 and 63 m2.

Harto Laksono said that the demand for Amesta Living housing units continues to rise. Anticipating this trend, the Company plans to launch new housing clusters by the end of this year.

“Anticipating the increasing demand, we are preparing a new development plan that we aim to launch at the end of this year,” said Harto Laksono.

As an integrated development, Amesta Living will be managed by a professional property management entity. This aims to ensure that Amesta Living is well-maintained at all times in terms of cleanliness and security, while providing a full range of services for the various needs of its residents.

Amesta Living also fosters a regional ecosystem in which residents can connect and collaborate with each other. Various facilities are present,such as commercial area, education facilities, social living, as well as public areas that function as communal facilities.

Amesta Living also provides open areas for the public, with a total area of 8,500 m2. In this area, the Community Center comes equipped with jogging tracks, playgrounds, commercial areas, mixed-used areas, and meeting points. Amesta Living is also equipped with a water feature and a water promenade which utilizes the river that winds right through the area. ***