Jakarta (27/08) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) has completed the construction of the Fifty Seven Promenade apartments in Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Following the successful completion of the topping off for the City57 tower at the end of March 2021, the Company held the topping off the second tower, Sky57, attended by Intiland’s directors and representatives from building contractors and consultants who collaborated in the construction of the apartment tower, on Friday (27/8).

Intiland’s Director of Business Development Permadi Indra Yoga explained that the topping off of Sky57 was a key stage in the process of building Fifty Seven Promenade apartments. This achievement also marked the completion of the construction work stage of all the apartment towers.

Amidst social restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Intiland has done its best to ensure the construction be completed on time. The topping off was also a form of Intiland’s commitment and seriousness to meeting customer expectation and trust.

“We are committed to completing the construction of the Fifty Seven Promenade on time. In the midst of restrictions and challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are grateful and try to fulfill and maintain the trust of all consumers,” said Permadi Indra Yoga at a press conference after the topping off.

Fifty Seven Promenade is a mixed-use and high-rise development project located in the central business district of MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Occupying an area of ​​3.2 hectares, the development of the Fifty Seven Promenade was divided into two stages.

The first phase of development occupies an area of ​​1.3 hectares which includes the construction of two apartment towers, namely City57 with 24 floors and Sky57 with 49 floors. Meanwhile, the second phase of the development plan consists of one apartment tower, one office tower, and retail facilities at the promenade.

According to Permadi Indra Yoga, one of the success factors for the construction of the Fifty Seven Promenade is the implementation of strict health protocols in the project area. In synergy with PT Nusa Raya Cipta Tbk as the main contractor and also with the sub-contractors, the Company has conducted the health protocols strictly in all its project construction operations.

He said that during the Covid-19 pandemic developers and contractors had to face enormous challenges in completing project construction. However, this challenge did not dampen the spirit and commitment of the Company to continue to deliver quality residential units to consumers on time.

Fifty Seven Promenade Project Leader, Trijas Hwe, added that this commitment was realized through the implementation of health and safety standard operating procedures, as well as measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the project area. Fifty Seven Promenade construction was also regularly supervised by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Office of Human Settlements, Spatial Planning, and Land.

All construction workers at Fifty Seven Promenade have been vaccinated. Access to project area is only provided with proof of vaccination, including the implementation of 5M policy throughout the project. Another effort was to provide a dormitory for all project workers to avoid mobility in and out of the project. An independent canteen managed by the surrounding community was provided within the project area to serve the workers.

“We have seriously complied with and carried out the procedures set by the government during the construction process. The implementation of this commitment helped the development process so that the work on the project was conducted safely and smoothly,” he said further.

For their commitment to and efforts in implementing the program, Fifty Seven Promenade received appreciation from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. This project was considered successful in meeting and complying with all the requirements and obligations of implementing the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) policy issued by the government.

The Fifty Seven Promenade includes the development of two towers with a total of 498 units, consisting of Studio type (42 m2), 1 Bedroom type (55-82 m2), 2 Bedroom type (104 -115 m2), and 3 Bedroom type (183 m2).

“Having a residence in the heart of Jakarta’s business district brings many advantages. Moreover, Fifty Seven Promenade was developed as part of the Dukuh Atas Transit Oriented Development (TOD) concept. The TOD area has a high value because it prioritizes the aspects of connectivity, accessibility, and walkability that address the needs of urban communities who wish to improve their quality of life,” said Permadi Indra Yoga.

The Company is targeting for the handover process to the customers to be carried out starting from the third quarter of 2022. “Currently, the first tower, City57, is entering the stage of building facade and interior completion, while the second tower, Sky57, is entering the facade stage. We will start handing the units over to customers in the third quarter of next year,” said Trijas Hwe.

Trijas Hwe expressed his optimism that the handover of units to customers would be done on time. The apartment development will focus on the construction of the facade, mechanical and electrical aspects, as well as the completion of facilities.

To meet the customer taste in interior design, the Company presents a new mock-up for the 1 Bedroom (81 m2) type. With an urban-simple design concept, this mock-up comes with a smart and functional design.

“With this mock-up, we want to help provide ideas and creativity to buyers who will soon be occupying the units,” he said.

This interior design concept presents a room layout arrangement that gives a potential solution to the needs of an increasingly dynamic urban community. The selection and use of furniture prioritizes functional aspects so that it does not give the impression of being excessive while presenting an airy feel to the room.

The living room arrangement becomes highly multifunctional and can be adapted to the various needs and professions of the occupants. Consumers can easily change the function of the living room into a child’s bedroom, studio, or workspace.

Market Anticipation

The Company views the growth of the property market as challenging this year. However, the Company observes that market dynamics have started to shift since the beginning of this year and are gradually improving.

Anticipating the market dynamics, the Company has prepared a number of strategic steps to meet consumer needs. One of them is by launching a special Click and Stay promo program that provides a variety of convenience purchases.

“We offer a special promo that is beneficial to buyers and makes it easier for them to own a Fifty Seven Promenade apartment unit. The promo comes with special prices, furniture vouchers, cashback programs, and various other prizes,” said Trijas Hwe.

The promo programs include a five percent discount and free furniture vouchers worth Rp70 million for normal units. For the purchase of special units, direct prizes of iPhone or MacBook Pro are on offer, plus an additional cashback of Rp10 million for purchasing 3 Bedroom type units and extra cashback of up to Rp100 million.

The Company expects that market interest in apartment products will begin to improve in the second half of this year. Apartments are considered to be a solution to the needs of people who desire to live in the city center.

The Fifty Seven Promenade development concept offers many aspects of the comfort of living in a central business district. Besides its strategic location, close to places that serve the occupants’ various needs, Fifty Seven Promenade is also equipped with two floors of premium facilities, such as a sky garden, waterfront jogging track, and an indoor swimming pool on the 59th floor of Sky57. Other facilities and services include a shuttle car service that will take residents to shopping centers or to public transportation points.

One of the unique features of Fifty Seven Promenade is that the facilities occupy the top two floors of City57, namely on the 23rd and 24th floors. This concept provides privacy and a unique experience for residents to enjoy all the available facilities.

In this area, a sky garden will be built in the form of a bridge connecting the City57 and Sky57 towers. There will also be various main facilities, such as sky lounge, semi-outdoor swimming pool, children’s play area, spa and sauna area, gym, entertainment area, and private dining room.***