Jakarta (14/10) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) launched a special sale titled Year–End Symphony 2021. The program offers great benefits for purchasing property products for the community for a period of three months, from 15 October to December 2021.

Intiland’s Director of Corporate Marketing, Susan Pranata, called the Year-End Symphony 2021 a marketing campaign aimed at assisting the public and potential buyers to own Intiland’s top-range property products easily, quickly, and at the best prices. Carrying the tagline “Let’s Buy Property Before the Year Ends”, the Year-End Symphony offers two special offers which include seven purchase promo packages as well as referral and loyalty programs.

“Year-End Symphony 2021 concludes our series of marketing campaign programs and activities this year. We provide various facilities and special opportunities for the public to buy or invest in Intiland’s top-range property products. This activity is also a form of our appreciation and gratitude for the community and loyal consumers who have given us their trust all this time,” said Susan Pranata.

The Year-End Symphony 2021 program is participated by 19 of Intiland’s property projects located in Jakarta, Tangerang, and Surabaya. The public and buyers have the opportunity to browse a wide selection of property products, ranging from housing, apartment, low-rise residential, warehouse, office, commercial, to SOHO products.

The Company also held the Year-End Symphony virtual property exhibition which can be accessed on the www.symphony.intiland.com page. People can check out the above property products with ease, and enjoy the opportunity to participate in promo packages.

Aiming at people who are looking for property products in Jakarta, this program offers Serenia Hills, South Grove, 1Park Homes, Pinang Residence, and Virya Semanan residential areas, as well as several apartments such as Regatta, SQ Rés, 1Park Avenue, and Fifty Seven Promenade. Meanwhile for the Tangerang market, this program offers Talaga Bestari, Magnolia Residences, and the Aeropolis residential areas, which contains a variety of products such as apartment, commercial, office, and warehouse products.

As for potential buyers in Surabaya, the Company presents seven property development projects including residential, apartment, commercial, SOHO, and office products. The property projects include Graha Natura residential area, low-rise residential The Rosebay, Graha Golf apartment, Sumatra36, as well as mixed-use development of Spazio Tower, Praxis, and Tierra SOHO.

Susan Pranata believes that the end of this year is the best momentum for consumers to purchase property. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has not ended, people have started to be able to adjust and are gradually starting to buy property products according to their needs.

Mindful of this condition, Intiland has prepared a number of attractive sales programs through the Year-End Symphony 2021 campaign. The seven special offers include discounts of up to 50% for down payment, down payment installments starting at 1.67% per month, KPA/KPR fee waive, KPR/KPA administration fee waive, free one-time transfer fee, 0% Value Added Tax, and prizes worth up to Rp250 million.

Susan Pranata explained that in addition to providing an easy-to-purchase program, the Year-End Symphony 2021 also offers a wide selection of products and prices. People can choose their dream property in terms of product type, location, and price, which starts from Rp150 million per unit.

Like the previous sales campaign, the Company also offers referral and loyalty programs in the Year-End Symphony. Consumers and the public can provide references for Intiland’s products to their family, relatives, business partners, or colleagues. If a transaction takes place through this program, the referrer is entitled to a cash reward of 1% of the transaction value.

“We appreciate our customers through the loyalty program. Buyers of Intiland’s property products are entitled to cashback of 1.5% of the transaction value of their Intiland property purchase until the end of this year,” said Susan Pranata.

The Year-End Symphony also received support from a number of leading banks to facilitate mortgage or apartment ownership. Banks that have collaborated include BNI, Maybank, CIMB Niaga, Permata, OCBC NISP, and Panin.


Intiland’s Director of Marketing, Harto Laksono, added that apart from the sales promotion program, the Year-End Symphony also comes with a series of attractive activities. Among them is a music competition or performance, involving the collaboration of music communities.

Activities that are held in each project and online are attended by children aged 8-12 years. To enter this competition is relatively easy. For the preliminaries, the participants simply need to send an audition video to the committee which will be graded by the jury. Participants who then become nominated can take part in a training program under a well-known jury.

“This activity aims to develop and appreciate children’s talents and encourage them to remain productive through this activity. Even though it is still during the Covid-19 pandemic, children can continue to be productive and have the opportunity to develop their talents in music. In the final judging session, the finalists will perform live in front of the jury,” said Harto Laksono.

The Company observes that property demand has started to gradually improve in the second half of this year. Policy incentives from the government have proven to be able to deliver the stimulus for the public’s appetite for property products, as well as to leverage and bring some positive impact on market growth.

“We want to give the best for our customers in this year-end. Through the Year-End Symphony program, Intiland provides the public with an easy, practical, and hassle-free purchase process, and at the best price, too,” said Harto Laksono.

The Company believes that the government’s policy has been able to psychologically boost the public and developers alike, especially in terms of purchasing ready-to-occupy housing units. In addition, the policy is also expected to encourage purchases of housing units currently being developed. The Company remains optimistic and hopes that the market will continue to improve and that the public’s appetite for purchasing property products recover soon.