Jakarta (29/10) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) collaborates to open Diamond Supermarket at Poins shopping center, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta. Through this collaboration, Diamond Supermarket now becomes the anchor tenant in the shopping center formerly known as Poin Square.

The Diamond Supermarket has started operating since its opening on Friday 29 October 2021. The opening of the Diamond Supermarket at Poins was inaugurated by Alphonzus Widjaja, General Chairperson of the Central Executive Board of the Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association, together with Diamond Supermarket management, a well as Poins and Intiland Board of Directors.

Director of Business Development of PT Intiland Development Tbk, Permadi Indra Yoga, appreciated the entry of Diamond Supermarket as a new tenant at Poins. The presence of Diamond Supermaket complements the availability of facilities at Poins shopping center, which has been rejuvenated with a new concept as a transit mall, a brand new hub and meeting point in South Jakarta.

“The presence of Diamond Supermarket will strengthen Poins’ positioning as a modern transit mall in the TOD (Transit Oriented Development) area of ​​Lebak Bulus,” said Permadi Indra Yoga.

Director of Diamond Supermarket, Felix Raharja, explained that the opening of the new Diamond Supermarket at Poins was a strategic step to expand network and market reach. This expansion also meets the demand in the community, especially those living in the South Jakarta area and its surroundings, for a comfortable, complete, and best shopping facility.

“We are now present at Poins to make it easy for people to get a shopping experience in the right place, with fresh and high quality products, with excellent and reliable service quality,” Felix said after the inauguration ceremony (29/10).

Diamond Supermarket at Poins is the fourth outlet in the Diamond Supermarket chain so far. Previously, Diamond Supermarket has been present in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Batam, and in the city of Palembang.

Diamond Supermarket at Poins is listed as the second largest outlet. Occupying an area of ​​10,900 square meters on the lower ground floor of Poins, Diamond Supermarket has upwards of 40,000 types of products, which are categorized into fresh produce, household needs, restaurants and BBQ areas, egg outlet, Purchase with Purchase (PWP), as  well as Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) zone.

“We provide a special zone for MSMEs as our partners. We want to move forward together, so that local MSMEs also have the opportunity and space to develop their businesses. Currently we have more than 600 suppliers, 40 percent of which are MSME partners,” Felix said.

The opening of the new Diamond Supermarket outlet is believed to provide strategic value for the economy of the community at large. Amidst the crunch due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has been ongoing since last year, the opening of this new outlet brings a positive impact on economic recovery and provides new jobs for the community.

According to Felix, the opening of this new outlet created more than 500 jobs in the procurement, warehouse, operations, marketing and promotion, as well as finance and administration divisions. The opening of this new outlet also creates new opportunities for MSMEs to become strategic partners, and provides opportunities for farmers and suppliers to collaborate directly with Diamond Supermarket.

In addition to having a complete range of products, Diamond Supermarket also offers a unique shopping experience. One of them is through a customer loyalty program called Purchase With Purchase (PWP). This program provides benefits to customers by offering several types of products that can be redeemed at lower prices.

Diamond Supermarket also provides various types of hydroponic and organic vegetables from farmers and plantations. Meanwhile, at the fruits area, Diamond Supermarket offers various types of fruits, both local and imported.

Diamond Supermarket also has an area for restaurants and food stalls. These restaurants and shops offer cooked meals and food services from a vast variety of cuisines, such as Chinese, Western, and Indonesian.


“Visitors can enjoy a variety of fresh food dishes and directly cooked by our best chefs in the various types of restaurants here,” noted Felix.


Further Development of Poins

Poins offers a one stop shopping experience, thanks to its shopping center, retail shops and hotels, and 15 floors of apartments. Currently, the shopping center is known as one of the centers for electronics, cell phones, computers, and cameras in the South Jakarta area. Meanwhile, the four-star Grand Whiz Poins hotel is managed by Whiz hotel network.

Hans Hutoyo Halim, President Director of PT Inti Menara Jaya, as the developer of Poins, explained that this shopping center has an area of ​​36,200 square meters. In 2019, renovation and rebranding process took place, after which the place changed its name to Poins. With a new concept as a transit mall, Poins is now positioned as a new hub and meeting point for thousands of people daily.

“The presence of Diamond Supermarket strengthens Poins’ position as hubs and meeting points for the community and commuters. We are preparing everything to give the community a new experience to meet, stay, and shop comfortably, supported by ease of transportation access,” explained Hans.

Hans is optimistic that Poins’ new concept will be accepted by the public. According to him, its very strategic location and location has made Poins in the TOD area of ​​Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta a meeting point for commuters who travel by various mass transportation modes.

From data gathered in a number of countries, he said, property development in TOD areas has always turned out well. In addition to the value of the area always increasing, property products in the area also see high demand among the community and investors.

The TOD area is proven to have a high value because it puts forward the concepts of connectivity, accessibility, and walkability, thus addressing the needs of urbanites to improve their quality of life. To increase comfort and convenience, a direct interconnection is currently under way between Poins Square and Lebak Bulus MRT station.***