Surabaya (05/08) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) continues to develop its residential area of Graha Natura, Surabaya, East Java. Anticipating the society’s need for healthy and comfortable housing, the Company launches Dandelion, the newest cluster in this 86-hectare residential area.

Harto Laksono, Marketing Director of PT Intiland Grande, a subsidiary of the Company for property development in Surabaya, explained that the development of Dandelion cluster is a strategic step to strengthen the Company’s positioning in the housing market in the West Surabaya region. This launch also anticipates the trend of increasing pulic demand for more affordable landed houses in the middle market segment.

“The last two months showed an upward trend in home sales in Surabaya. The majority have been end-user consumers, from the millennial generation and young families who prefer compact-sized homes. The launch of this cluster is the answer to their needs,” he continued.

Dandelion cluster has been developed with the concept of a single access gate that presents a private and exclusive feel to the residential area. Occupying a development area of 0.8 hectares, this cluster offers 62 units of two-storey houses divided into two categories.

The first category is the Daisy, a house with a land area of 60 square meters (5 meters wide and 12 meters long). For greater land requirements, the Daffodil is the answer, with a land area of 72 square meters (6 by 12 meters). Each of the two house types comes with two variants, namely Standard and Deluxe, with different building area.

The Standard Variant of the Daisy has two bedrooms and a building area of 56 square meters, while the Deluxe variant comes with three bedrooms and a larger building area of 64 square meters. The Daffodil Standard variant has two bedrooms and a building area of 71 square meters, while the Deluxe variant offers three bedrooms and a building area of 82 square meters.

“The units in Dandelion cluster are compact-sized, making them more affordable to families and young professionals. Prices start from Rp1.2 billion upwards. Special for this launch, we offer a special promotion, with a hassle-free easy way to pay, only with an advance of 22.5 percent, which can be paid in 18 installments,” said Harto Laksono.

According to Harto, the units in Dandelion cluster are compact with their two storeys, but highly functional. Meticulous spatial planning has been incorporated in the design so that the inside part feels spacious. On the ground floor are the family room, dining area, kitchen, standard bedroom, service area, and carport. The main master bedroom, as the most private room of the house, is located on the second floor, complete with a large, fully-equipped bathroom.

Dandelion cluster provides contemporary style housing units that blend excellent and beautiful design concept with a touch of the modern tropical style. The application of high and wide windows and doors helps increase the open area to maximize natural lighting and air circulation in the house.

The cluster’s advantage is also seen in the use of smart home applications that bring added value to residents. All units in this cluster are equipped with state-of-the-art technological devices for security, surveillance, and smart door locks controllable with a smartphone or tablet.

Alongside the burgeoning of dynamic urban communities, Harto Laksono mentioned, the need for provision of technological devices has become a necessity. Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of having modern, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly housing that is equipped with technology-friendly systems.

“We must continue to cater to the needs and desires of the society. Consumers are becoming more and more critical nowadays; they understand what is needed to make their lives more comfortable and convenient. They want homes that are comfortable, safe, and healthy, and can satisfy the needs for adapting to new habits,” explained Harto Laksono.

Dandelion cluster is strategically located right at the heart of the development area of Graha Natura. It is well placed next to the development area of the SOHO Natura 2 commercial zone, and its location offers easy accessibility for its residents to reach the prime facilities within the area.

“We are optimistic that this cluster’s concept will be well-received by the market within a relatively short time. The concept of sound development, strategic location, and fairly competitive pricing—all are added values for our customers that will make them want to live in Graha Natura, a residential area developed with excellent taste and sustainable concept by a trusted developer,” he further said.

Graha Natura is the development project of integrated housing located in West Surabaya. This residential area is within short distance to a wide range of facilities for all lifestyle needs, such as shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals, and various international schools and prominent universities.

The development of Graha Natura from the beginning has been designed to become the new barometer of an ideal residential area. Upholding three main concepts, namely healthy living, nature, and technology, Graha Natura offers the concept and value of an ideal residential area in accordance with the needs of the modern, urban society.

In line with its area development plan, the Company has completed the construction of a 1.2-hectare reforestation area and artificial lake in the middle of the area. Certain zones that provide supporting facilities, such as jogging tracks, F&B, and playgrounds are to be used as communal areas by Graha Natura residents.

Another new development that is taking place is that of a club house located at the front part of the area, which is now in its final stage of development. Called Natura Club House, this facility was built on 2,600 square meters of land, with a building area of 6,500 square meters. This club house will have three floors and a rooftop area, and provides facilities for a comprehensive range of sports, namely gym, semi-indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, and children’s pool.

The concept of developing an excellent residential area has been met with various accolades at the national level. These recognitions include the The Best Medium Scale Development in Surabaya award bestowed at the BTN Golden Property Awards, The Best Project Development in East Java award at the Indocement Awards, and the Green Infrastructure & Open Space award at the Green Property Awards.***