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Intiland Launches Intiland Collections Making Buying Property Easier for the Public

Jakarta (15/06) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) launches a special promo program that makes it easy for the public to purchase property products. This special promo program, “Intiland Collections”, will be held from 15 June to 31 August 2022.

Intiland’s Director of Corporate Marketing, Susan Pranata, explained that Intiland Collections program makes manifest Intiland’s commitment to helping the public and potential customers to obtain the best properties of the Company. Themed “Let’s See and Own Intiland’s Property Collections”, this sales program aims to introduce the best collections of Intiland’s property products that they can own easily, quickly, and profitably.

“People can easily obtain information, choose and then buy the property of their liking in a very easy and profitable manner. We provide numerous special offers during the promo period, such as special discounts, affordable payment terms, as well as various bonuses, such as trips to Milan or Paris. They are very easy to participate in: simply visit Intiland’s website or the Intiland Collection website at,” said Susan Pranata.

The Intiland Collections program was participated by 16 of Intiland’s best property projects located in Jakarta, Tangerang, and Surabaya. Eight property projects are located in Jakarta, three projects are in Tangerang, and five property projects are in Surabaya. In this program, the public can easily browse and choose various types of properties, ranging from residential areas, apartments, low-rise residential, commercial, SOHO, kiosks, to warehousing products.

For people who wish to own property in Jakarta, the Company’s offerings range from 1Park Avenue, 1Park Homes, Regatta, Fifty Seven Promenade, SQ Res, South Grove, Serenia Hills, to Virya Semanan. In Tangerang, the Company offers three property projects, namely Magnolia Residence housing estate, Talaga Bestari, and the Aeropolis integrated area. And the five property projects in Surabaya are Praxis apartments and offices, Spazio Tower, Graha Natura, The Rosebay, and Sumatra 36 apartments.

“We hope that the Intiland Collections program will meet the expectations and needs of the public for property products. We provide a variety of property products in various strategic locations with a wide range of prices, from Rp200 million to more than five billion per unit,” explained Susan further.

Susan Pranata noted that this marketing campaign program is in keeping with the momentum of recovery of the public’s interest in buying property. The Company is committed to providing ease of purchase through various options and facilities through the Intiland Collections program.

In addition to providing many product alternatives, the Intiland Collections program offers many prizes and special deals. Upon buying, customers can win bonuses, including special prices, discounts of 5 to 10 percent, 50% off VAT, BPHTB fee waiver, free furniture and home appliances, and direct discounts of up to Rp950 million for selected units.

Harto Laksono, Intiland’s Marketing Director for Surabaya, added that in addition to providing various attractive bonuses, customers have the chance to win four business class tickets to Paris, France, or to Milan, Italy. There are two tickets for two lucky buyers of 1Park Avenue or 1Park Homes apartment units. As part of this program is also launched a triple point reward program, involving trips to Paris, France, when purchasing Praxis Office or Spazio Tower units.

“Now is the perfect momentum to own Intiland’s property. There are many benefits and prizes that you can win. We also provide many ready-to-occupy units that you can immediately live in or rent out, to generate additional income,” stated Harto Laksono.

The Intiland Collections program is not only held online, but also involves various activities at project sites. Activities include workshops and training classes, on painting cookies, making dosirak lunch boxes and pizzas, as well as pop up bazaars—making them suitable for families and children to participate in. In addition, business gatherings and seminars will also be held in several projects in Surabaya.

The Company is optimistic that the Intiland Collections program will be met with huge success, widely received by the public. This program is in line with the momentum of the property industry’s recovery from the demand side, with public appetite for owning property having been improving gradually since the start of the year.

“Intiland Collections shows our appreciation to loyal customers. We want to provide the best choices, products, prices, and bonuses that are profitable,” said Harto Laksono.

 Positive Trend

The Company observes that the trend of the property market is starting to gradually improve this year. Interest among the public to buy property is showing signs of recovery, in line with the amelioration of the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

The Intiland Collections program also marks one of the Company’s strategies for boosting sales performance this year. Sales proceeds booked through this program are expected to help the Company achieve its marketing sales target for 2022, of Rp2.4 trillion. This marketing sales target will be contributed from sales in residential, mixed-use and high-rise areas, as well as industrial estates.

This year, the Company is focusing on anticipating changes in the property market by ramping up sales and developing new products. For 2022 the Company has planned to launch a number of new developments, both as new projects and new products in existing projects.

The Company remains buoyant that market absorption and demand for property products will continue to rise. Policy incentives from the government have proven to be effective as a stimulus to shore up buying interest and provide leverage and a positive impact on market growth.***