Jakarta (18/06) – Property developer PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland; DILD) launched a new special promo program titled ‘Click & Stay’ to be held for two months, from June 21 to the end of August 2021. Presenting various conveniences and the best offers from selected properties, the program is launched as a form of Intiland’s appreciation to consumers and is packaged elaborately by displaying virtual property exhibitions as well as several online talk shows.

Intiland’s Director of Corporate Marketing, Susan Pranata, explained that Click & Stay is a marketing campaign program that aims to help the public and potential consumers choose and ownthe best Intiland properties easily, quickly, and at the best prices. Click & Stay offers convenience for people to choose and own their dream property with the big theme “Click and choose your dream home!”.

“Through Click & Stay, we provide the best opportunity for potential consumers to choose and buy our property products with special offers, only during this period. We prepare a variety of special promo packages so that potential consumers can choose their dream property in a hassle-free way, just by clicking on the domain clickandstay.intiland.com,” added Susan.

Through the Click & Stay program, the Company presents 18 of the best property projects located in Jakarta, Tangerang, and Surabaya. Potential consumers have the opportunity to choose the type of property available, ranging from landed houses, apartments, low-rise residential, offices, commercial, SOHO, to warehousing.

For people who are looking to buy property products in Jakarta, this virtual property exhibition features a number of projects including Serenia Hills, South Grove, 1Park Homes, Pinang Residence, Regatta apartments, SQ Rés, 1Park Avenue, and Fifty Seven Promenade apartments. Meanwhile, to meet property needs in Tangerang area, there are Talaga Bestari, Magnolia Residences, and the Aeropolis integrated area which provides a variety of products such as apartments, commercial, offices, and warehousing.

To meet the needs of properties located in Surabaya, the Company presents seven of its foremost property projects, ranging from residential, apartment, commercial, SOHO, to offices. The seven projects include Graha Natura residential estate, the low-rise residential development The Rosebay, Graha Golf apartment, Sumatra36, the mixed-use development Spazio Tower, Praxis, and Tierra SOHO.

“Through the Click & Stay program, we hope to be able to meet various types of community property needs, both in terms of type, location, and price. The price range also varies from Rp150 million to up to tens of billions of rupiah per unit,” he said further.

The Company has prepared two special promo offers that can be enjoyed by the public through this program, namely Click Deals and Super Deals. These two programs offer many alternatives and benefits for consumers that are geared to their needs.

The Click Deals program offers the opportunity for the public to have their dream property and immediately occupy it at the best price. There are also payment simulation facilities and installments with various payment options available, to assist potential consumers in their planning.

The next program, Super Deals, provides a number of special sales packages as well as various attractive prizes for every purchase of houses, apartments, offices, commercial, or warehousing units. Purchases through this program apply to all products, properties that are ready for occupancy, require advance payments, or under construction.

The community also has the opportunity to win other attractive prizes through this program. Various prizes include free service fees and management fees, free furniture or pantry, as well as direct prizes, i.e. iPhone or MacBook Pro, or free electronic vouchers worth Rp25 million.

The Company also collaborates with several leading banks in this program to provide convenience for the public to obtain financing loans. In collaboration with BCA, Bank CIMB Niaga, Bank Mandiri, Bank OCBC NISP, BNI, Bank Permata, and Maybank, the Click & Stay program offers a variety of attractive and competitive financing promos, one of which is KPR/KPA (home/apartment ownership loan) with a fixed interest rate of 2.75% per year. for two years.

Harto Laksono, Intiland’s Marketing Director for Surabaya area, explained that in addition to offering easy-to-purchase programs for consumers, Click & Stay also presents a series of interesting activities at the project site and held online. Various activities in the form of talk shows and inspiring discussions with leaders and experts in a range of fields were held online.

He said that the events presented in the Click & Stay program are aimed at various groups, ranging from business people, young couples, to the younger generation. Various activities held in each project always implement strict health protocols.

“Essentially, we are committed to providing convenience for the public to purchase Intiland properties. Now is the time to buy. It is the best momentum for consumers to own our properties with easy, practical purchase programs at the best prices,” he said further.

Through this virtual property exhibition program, the public can directly access the clickandstay.intiland.com domain. This facility provides a variety of features that can help the public find out all information about the Click & Stay program, for example the schedule of talk shows, activities at project sites, property product information, virtual tours of sample units, to information on prices and available payment methods. In addition, there is also a special page for the limited Click Deals promo, which offers property units at the best prices during the promotional period.

Through this interesting and inspiring campaign program, Intiland expects that the community can get more benefits, especially during the pandemic. Details of the entire series of events and promos are posted on Intiland’s official Instagram account (@intilanddev) and Intiland’s website.

The Company is optimistic that the Click & Stay program will be successful and meet the expectations of the community. This program is a flagship program expected to support the Company’s sales performance this year.

Property Trends on the Mend

The Company observes that the trend of property demand is starting to improve this year. In the midst of relatively low property prices, people have excellent opportunities and opportunities to buy and invest in property. Policy incentives from the government may provide a stimulus that encourages people to buy property.

The Company appreciates the fiscal incentive policy from the government and banks that make it easier for consumers to realize their dream residential purchases. This policy stimulus helps consumers who are financially ready to make property purchases. Another supporting factor is that property prices are currently in a low position and many developers offer sales promotions that are very profitable for consumers.

“Currently is the best momentum for consumers to purchase property. The property market is in a positive trend in line with the increasing number of people’s requests. Government policy incentives have proven to be quite effective in shoring up people’s interest in buying property products,” stated Susan Pranata.

Harto Laksono added that the demand for property is currently experiencing a shift in the market. The public and potential consumers tend to value the availability of green open space facilities and living areas that are not crowded as their priority. These health aspects support work and study activities at home.

“We realize that we need to innovate as we create a market, namely houses that are more functional in design according to the consumers’ demand and needs, as well as age demographics and their income,” explained Harto Laksono.

The Company is optimistic that the prospect of the national property market will gradually improve going forward. There are at least several factors that may drive up the trend of growth in the property industry, such as the growing market increasingly characterized by the millennials and the policy stimulus from the government. In addition, there is public optimism about the distribution of Covid-19 vaccinations to underpin economic recovery, so that it can give a boost to consumer confidence in purchasing property products.***